Wednesday, March 30, 2016


And just like that-- I hit the submit button! It's only after the fact that I gulped! Ha! Really though, I had some people who were wagering on me actually sticking to my guns and taking this year off from Ironman completely. I even thought that I had myself fooled into believing that I could. However, when the heart has a calling, you have to answer. Ironman is what I have done for the last six years. It's what I know. What I love. The rigid structure of training, the times on six hour bike rides when you truly learn who you are.  The mental battles that come along with training. The battles of being too tired to carry on but carrying on anyway. I love this and I need it!! I love all the running. I do. It's just not enough for me. I need more than the one thing. I need it all. The long swim sets, the miles and miles and miles of biking and running. Not to mention everything in between. It's the balance in that that I need and that balance that I crave. I believe that triathletes are perfectly well rounded because of being able to balance those three sports and to me I have to have it in my life to make me happy.

So, for those of you who said "I know you'll end up doing Ironman this year", and you know who you were right. Even if I didn't believe it at the time myself. My riding partner Erik said to me..."it's in your blood." I think perhaps he is right. It's what I love and it's a piece of what makes me, well me.

I am really excited to have taken the plunge again. Very much looking forward to a flat course this time. I have become much strong with my running over the last few months by taking it off road. I plan to continue to work the trails to help me get stronger. I have been swimming and cycling all along, and my swimming is exactly where I want it to be. I need to start my power sessions back on the bike now. My last bike interval was about 5 weeks ago. Not too bad.

My other love & passion
I am still going to be running mountains, trail running and racing all throughout this year. It, like Ironman, is also a part of me and what I really do love. I have always been an off road junkie and my plan is to keep on keeping on with it. I do believe that trail running helps to translate to better running on the road. At least it does for me. My easy runs are now what my race pace road runs used to be. I'm digging that...a lot!  Still doing all of my trail races this year and yes, even the crazy vertical mountain runs. Eeeek! I am currently the points leader in NC Xterra Trail Run Series for my age group and will be running all of the Xterra trail races this year for more points. I really would love to get to Oahu, Hawaii for Xterra Trail Run Worlds in Dec. That may have to wait until next year, but it's something that I am definitely working towards.

Think I've nailed my balance. I have it all back and have vision of where I want it all to go. That's good. No, actually, that's great. Last year was a blur. From the accident that took me down for about four months, to a lot of nonsense, to pushing to hard and getting too exhausted trying to get back into it. Not giving myself time to heal from the crash etc etc. It was all too much. This year is ace though. Everything is falling into place as it should and I'm beaming from the inside. Even landed a dream job in the tri industry that I get to do from home, but more on that to come. 

I'm pumped and excited to have my direction as an athlete back. I'm 42 years young and to be able to do what I do is a blessing. So here's to soaking it all in, having a lot of fun and training and racing with a big ole smile on my face. How lucky am I to have a body that lets me run it too exhaustion over and over again, and still lets me continue to do what I love? 

Always, always, always!

Cheers friends~

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