Monday, January 11, 2016



Oooh, this one hurt a little! In my trail racing excitement, I decided on a whim to do this one with Jessica and Autumn. This race was three weeks after our last 50k, and I thought I felt ok to go 13.

Raced day rolled around and when we drove up to Kerr Scott, we quickly realized there were a lot more hills than our normal trail runs. Ouchie. My quads were quivering already ;)

Race morning was pretty chill. Love the atmosphere at these off road events. So much more easy going than at tri's! Trail runners are awesome, laid back, supportive, fun, and humble! We all huddled up and listened to the race director and then before we knew it, we were off.

A long downhill on pavement then a steep uphill before hitting the trailhead. In typical T style, I took off like a rocket. This is something that I am working on this year----


Anyway, we quickly made our way to the trail head and then it was on. This is a tight single track trail and the first couple of miles were like bumper to bumper traffic. Only able to make a pass when you were lucky enough. After the first couple of miles, traffic did thin out a bit and it was around mile four that I realized I actually was NOT completely recovered from the 50k! My body felt ok, but inside I was tired! I could feel the wave of fatigue come over quickly. The 50k was off the heels of Ironman and this was off the heels of the 50k, so I think I was a little over optimistic, but whatever. I just decided to put my head down and get it done. I knew that this would definitely not be my best day. 

This trail was tough! Berm baby Berm! Rock gardens, bridges, tons of in-sloped turns, "super-stacks" of berms and banked turns. My quads were definitely aching and so were my knees! NOTE TO SELF: Take longer recovery between trail races next time!The miles were going very slowly and I was suffering. I was really ready to call it a day at mile 8, but kept trudging forward. I got passed by several runners along the way, but simply had NO pep in my step!!!
I wanted to run this one well, but in the end it was just about making it to the finish. I was tired and was really happy to finally cross the finish and call it a day! It was great to cheer on Autumn and Jess as they finished up. Autumn is running these while pregnant and Jess just keeps on keeping on. She's a tough one. So proud of these gals and so glad we can do these together!

Trail running is tough, but I absolutely love it. I have been mixing up triathlon over the last six years with trail running and I am falling more and more in love with the ultra trail runner nation everyday. Big things are coming for 2016 and I cannot wait!

Next up: Charlotte Running Co 13 Mile Trail Race at The National Whitewater Center

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