Thursday, January 21, 2016


Another muddy 13 miler and it was fun...that is until I broke my bum ;)

The night before a trail race when there's pools of water everywhere and the rain keeps falling, you know it's going to be a REALLY muddy one. Unlike Charleston, I went prepared with the right shoes this time!! Love my Hoka trail shoes!

Jessica and I headed off to CLT on Sat morning and luckily the rain had stopped but it was COLD! It was by far harder deciding what to wear for the race than the actual race itself!! We arrived at the Whitewater Center in good time. We had about 45 minutes to wait before the race started so we warmed up a bit and then got cold again quick. I contemplated sleeping in the warm car and just let Jessica do this one ha! Oh well, I peeled of all my toasty warm layers and we headed to the start.

At 9am, it was go time. We started off easy. A nice little jog around the whitewater center twice to try and spread out the pack before hopping on the trail. I was feeling pretty good and in a nice rhythm and then it was time to take to the trail. I hopped onto the trailhead and then pretty much came to a stop. Gridlock right off that bat. It was a lot like 5pm traffic on I-77 at Langtree, but with lots of mud. Anyway, the shuffling ensued. Not even sure when exactly it opened up a little, but finally we all started to jog. Then finally we were running and things started flowing. Lots of slipping and sliding going on and I heard several thud's. Each time, I felt bad for the person who went down, but was thankful it wasn't me. My Hoka's were gripping well and I was upright so far. I guess it was around three miles in, I realized I was doing the thirteen, so I decided to pull back my pace a bit. I started a bit too aggressively and I didn't want to pay for it at mile 10. I was feeling pretty good and trudging along. So happy to be out on the trails. It was somewhere around mile seven there was a steep down hill which was a real mud bath. There were a few runners bunched up at the top of it trying to look for a way down without slipping. Rather than wait, I thought that I would try a different route and as soon as my foot hit the muddy hill from hell  ground, the next thing that hit the ground was my rear end. 

Once I landed on my backside, I continued to slide down the hill. Weeeee..... When I stood, it felt like a lightening bolt ran up my tailbone into my lower spine. GREAT! I had to stop and bend forward and backward and sideways and try to stretch it out. Not gonna lie, that one hurt a little bit. The next mile or so was tough because I had a searing pain in my rear every time I took a step. I figured as long as I kept putting one foot in from to the other it would hopefully, eventually ease off and it finally did. Or maybe my butt was just so wet and cold, it finally went numb. At any rate, at mile 9 when people were running to the finish I thought about just calling it a day. But then again, I usually never do things the easy way so I trudged on. I found the last few miles tough with loads more mud, and it was super quiet out there. It was nice to finally get back around and hear the finish and then it was all uphill from there to cross the finish. Then it was straight to the car to layer up and warm up.

Jessica finished up, we changed out of our muddy clothes and made our way out for a nice lunch. Overall this was a fun race. One that I would definitely do again. It was my first time running at the Whitewater Center and the trails are nice. I was 5th in my age group for the day, so not too bad considering. 

No race plans yet for February. Lots of training for now, but hope to get in one or two trail races. Table Rock is up the first of March and that will definitely be a doozy! 

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