Thursday, September 3, 2015


The Carolina Time Trial Association Series Race #6. The last time trial of the season and last of the series races. This was my first full season time trialing and I definitely learned a lot. The biggest thing that I learned is that Ironman training and time trialing do not particularly go hand in hand. OUCH! 

The last TT that I did was in July and I was nursing a calf strain at the time. Luckily, after about 5 weeks of dealing with the calf strain, I was able to get back to things normally. Good thing too. Fast forward a couple of months. I am in the absolute thick of it all at the moment. Sessions are long! With 100 mile rides and 20 mile runs now, I'm feeling it. I did a 20 miler a couple days before this time trial so knew that my legs would be a little less that cooperative. Coach talked me through it and told me that I would be tired going into this last TT and just to go out and enjoy it (can you really enjoy a TT?!?) HE told me to just do the best that I could with how I felt. Just how much I could pull out of myself for the TT I wasn't sure, but I wanted to do the last race and finish up what I started.

Goals- My goal for the TT series this year was not about winning. It was about competing with myself to find my brave again. Coming off of that bike crash at the beginning of the year that left my face a broken mess was tough and my goals were to get back on the bike and become more fearless than ever. That was my goal and I achieved that goal. I am proud of that!  I did the first race of the series only three weeks after getting my jaws unwired and to me that was probably the biggest success of all. I got back on the horse. Not afraid! 

There is a quote that I love "It's all about the journey, not the outcome" by Carl Lewis. To me, that is so true. The journey this year has not been without it's struggles, but what an amazing journey it has been so far. Each time trial was a stepping stone, a lesson. Always learning and growing in racing. Learning about yourself as a person, as an athlete. It's a love/hate relationship with the TT's, that's for sure. Anyway, I am glad to have done them this year and glad now that they are over ;)

This last one was fun. My legs didn't have quite the push that I needed last night, but again coming off the heavy bulk of training, it was to be expected. I stayed focus and finished with a smile and what more could you ask for? 

I am really pleased to win the series in my division and and certainly had some very strong ladies out there with me. Congrats to them for great TT's this season as well. 

Strong women ~May we know them, may we be them, MAY WE RAISE THEM~

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