Thursday, July 9, 2015


Not feeling it!

Last night was TT #4. IF you read my last post about my injury, you probably didn't expect to see me on the start line for this one. Well I couldn't resist. Maybe I should have waited a little longer....

A few weeks ago I developed a painful injury. I have a posterior tibialis strain and I haven't been able to cycle or run as much as a result. Around a month ago I was sidelined a little with this calf issue. Every time I tried to ride the pain would tear through my calf like fire when pressing down to pedal. Anyway, it wasn't until last Thursday that I could actually ride again comfortably.

I have been getting massage and also kinesio taping, so it's feeling a lot better but the strength is still not there yet. Since I was feeling some better, I decided to try and wing it and do the TT. I love these things. Last night when I got there, I didn't have time to warm up properly, but what's new? Traffic is nuts and it took us 1:45 to get there and I was left rushing as always. Oh well.

Once we got the start line, I was feeling pumped and ready. 5-4-2-3-1....I was off. I felt ok. I pressed down on the pedals and all was going well for the first lap. Once I hit the second lap, my calf started revolting. I got angry with myself. My body was letting me down. I thought to myself...I will show you!!! So I tried pushing. My calf spoke back and not in a positive way. I was losing power. I had none. Zero, zilch! I was fading, I lost focus. I had lost strength. My TT was over before the first ten minutes. I knew on lap three that this was a mistake. I should have waited and let my leg heal more. It was not excruciating pain like in weeks past, but I have lost some strength from not being able to train properly and the weakness was showing. I lost my focus and was concentrating on all the things stopping me last night and on lap four was seriously contemplating getting off my bike and calling it a day.  I decided that I would hang on for the remainder of the ride. I don't think I have ever freewheeled so much. Thankful for that nice strong tailwind on the back stretch to help out with that.

I finished 4th with my slowest time out there ever. Onwards and upwards, right? Sometimes the voice in mind telling me to do things is stronger than my body can actually take. Being married to my coach is certainly not easy for my coach. He advises me sometimes not to do things, but I insist and well, he has a wife to keep happy not just an athlete ;) I should have listened when he said sit this one out but I learned some lessons again last night. I am still a fairly new athlete and am continually learning. I have learned more lessons this year than ever before. Some lessons come the hard way, some come easy. They are all good lessons though and I think sometimes it's important to learn things by doing them. I can never sit on the sidelines and wonder. I have to try and that's what I did last night.

Luckily my leg doesn't ache badly this morning, so for now it's time to be more proactive with the healing process so I can get back at it all 100%. Ironman is 3 months away!


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