Monday, June 29, 2015


That's a wrap. Well one big block of a wrap anyway. Last week I just finished my first 12 week block of Ironman training and moving onto round two.

I am feeling motivated and pumped for most of my sessions which is good because I have been a LOT of solo long distances. Those six hour rides alone can be mind numbing but so good for training the mental muscle. In the past years, I would simply just get through sessions like that. All of that changed this year and after the accident. I worked really hard after the accident and built a stronger engine both mentally and physically. By doing that, it taught me something, actually it taught me many things.  It's hard to explain but it was an incredible lesson for me.

The last twelve weeks of training have been no joke. Last year, I only trained seven weeks for Ironman, this year I am focusing on giving it so much more. I still get chills thinking about that Ironman finish, even when it's 100 degrees on my bike ride! I love 140.6...absolutely love everything about it! To say that I am addicted would be an understatement.

Anyway, here I am. 6 months later and still going strong. The last few of weeks I developed some pain in my right calf and now I am nursing this injury. This came from my last long run I think. I now have a posterior tibialis strain and it sure does hurt. Coach and I are having to adjust things accordingly.

I am undecided on next weeks TT right now. I'm afraid I don't have the power with this type of injury to actually perform and I don't want to risk more injury so we will see how this week goes before I decide. I have a couple races picked out for July as well, so hoping that I can get this under control. Currently taped up and trying to bike and run. When I push down on the pedals though, this is quite painful. I simply cannot power through the pedal stroke on the right strong side. Running is slow and steady and I have reduced the run volume in hopes that this subsides. We shall see....

Cheers ~

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