Sunday, June 7, 2015


Another TT done and this was hurt a little more than the last two. I am pleased with a 24mph average  (my slowest this year) and finishing 1st AG/ 5th OA Female.

The last few weeks I have been in peak Ironman training and to say that I am tired would be an understatement. With 100 mile rides back to back to back, a 7.5 hour brick, long runs and long swims, I just don't have a lot of 'umph' in the tank for time trailing. As a triathlete, the focus is on three sports, not just one and with doing peak training right now, it just doesn't leave much energy for pulling the stick out for a super strong TT.

With a 100 mile ride two days before this time trial followed by 15 miles of running,  I went into this one pretty dang tired. I wasn't sure that I would even attempt it, however I do love doing them and they make for a really good workout, so I went it with no expectations. The thing about time trailing is that it's an all out effort and it's hard to pull it out when you are doing so much volume already. So, I decided to just go for it and I registered last minute and Wednesday we headed off to Charlotte.

Of course waking up on Wednesday and looking out the window, first thing I noticed was that it was windy so I knew it was going to be harder because of being so tired and with the wind.

We actually got to CLT in time (a first) for a nice warm up on the trainer. WOW, my quads were aching and the TT hadn't even started. Oh boy!
Coach hard at work  ;)

Warming up
It was nice to hang out with fellow triathlete and Nascar driver Josh Wise, his gorgeous wife Ashley and their kids at this one. It was Josh's first TT.

After the warm up and some pre-race socializing, I went to line up. Within five minutes it was go time!

I started off like a rocket, as always. Will I ever learn? The first couple of laps were pretty good, I found a rhythm, but the wind on the back stretch was pretty strong. When I went around on lap four there was a really horrible crash and I saw a woman down on the ground. It was awful and I couldn't get the image out of my mind. It reminded me of my own crash and I just kept thinking that I hope she is ok. Lap five there was an ambulance on the track, so we had to go up and around for the next two laps and on the last lap I tried pushing to the finish, but had no push left and then it was over. A good solid effort and knew I had given it my all on the day.
Smiles with Abby after the race
Future cyclist?? I think so!
I am looking forward to the next time trial as my peak IM training is winding down next week for a while and then I have some much needed rest coming up. I hope to be more rested and ready for the next one.

Undecided as to which triathlon is coming up next, but have my eye on a few local ones. Focus now is on Ironman training, and that's pretty much the priority :)


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