Thursday, April 2, 2015


3rd Female Overal /1st AG-  AVG Speed 24.6mph - Time 24:24
The time trial. They call it the race of truth and well, that's just what it is. It's you against you--you against the clock! I absolutely love the TT!

I am 3 months post crash now and feeling pretty good. I still have some work to go and have been fitted for a new device that I have to wear in my mouth for two weeks to help reprogram the muscles. Once that's done then I can get some of my teeth repaired. The hard part is over tho. Thankfully.

Going into this was a real test for me. To test my fitness. As you know from prior posts, I fought pretty hard to keep up my strength during the whole ordeal. Last night was the proof that I needed for myself that the effort has paid off. I have something to build the season on and really happy with the result.

Last year was the first time I tried time trials and I only did three of them. They are still very new to me and I'm still learning. Last night I tried a different approach to finish strong and it worked well. I plan to do the series and hope to get stronger and learn more each time. That's the goal anyway. Last night was a great night with lots of Tri Team Ignite teammates there. Good times.
Some of the gang. Love these gals!
We arrived late because of traffic backups and that was stressful! I had less than 10 minutes to warm up when we got there. I got my bib number and timing chip and quickly headed off to rev up the engine.  I felt really good and was ready to go however, there was a long wait for start. By the time I actually got to go, the warm up really did no good at all. Oh well.

Starting the TT
On the push off, I took off like a rocket as always. I wanted to control the first lap but as usual the excitement took over and I started out with a bang. I thought I had better dial it back a little otherwise the next 20+ minutes would really hurt. Lap was one was strong in 3:26. Lap two was 3:27 and finally on lap 3 & 4, I dialed it back a little. My goal was to go faster on my last laps than my first so three and four was a little recovery. On lap 5 I picked up it. Lap 6 was 3:28 and my last lap was 3:23! 3 seconds faster than my first. Woo hoo! My TT's last year were always slower on that last lap and my legs felt like lead pedaling into the finish. I am learning how to control it now. I finished strong and I felt great. I am still learning how to hold back in the beginning though. This was my fourth time trial ever and first one of the year, so I know I will eventually learn how to control the pace much better.

I am over the moon with the result. I was 3rd female overall and 1st in AG. Time was 24:24 and speed was 24.6mph avg. It was my best TT result yet. Coming off the crash, getting back on the bike, working through the mental anxiety and pushing through the physical issues to stay on top was tough but I damn well did it.  I fought hard and it paid off. This time trial was definitely the race of truth for me! Next up Vanderkitten training camp and then St. Anthony's in less than 4 weeks!!


Pamela McGowan said...

Such a strong effort lady! So happy to see you tearing up the bike. You are an inspiration! xoxo

Tonya said...

Aww, thanks Pam! Just saw this comment. Feels great to finally be back at it all. xoxo