Sunday, February 22, 2015


I'M BAAAAAACK! I have worked my a$$ off these last 8 weeks and not gonna's been tough. Learning to adapt to breathing with the clenched jaw was REALLY tough in training, but I did it. Now I'm seeing the rewards from the hard work and loving it!

I saw Dr. C on Wednesday and he finally removed all of my elastics. My jaws are free!!! Well, kind of. I still have trouble opening fully and am still working on it. I went from 30mm two weeks ago to 37mm on Wednesday so progress is being made! I go back in two weeks to make sure that things look ok with removal of elastics and then if so, then maybe I can get the metal removed very soon! Fingers xd.  This has been such a looooooooong sloooooooooow process! However, it is one that has definitely made me stronger.

Over the last few weeks I worked hard to get my swim times down while still having closed mouth, and was able to get to 1:35/100 last week and was really pleased. Imagine my happiness after my last swim a couple of days ago. It was my first swim in 8 weeks where I could actually open my mouth to breathe. The hard work these last few weeks paid off and kept me in good swim form. My steady aerobic swim this past Friday blew my own mind at 1:30/100! Not only that, but my stroke count has gone from 11spl to 10spl. I have to say that swimming with my coach every day makes a huge difference too. His constant encouragement and coaching has really made such a difference. He didn't let my stroke fall apart even though I had to twist my head out to catch my breath. I had to adapt to the breathing and not let my stroke fall apart. He made sure I did what I was supposed to do and kept a strong watch on me and I'm so so pleased.
I pushed myself back into training early on during the recovery, it was important to me. Happy to say that I have successfully completed all nine of my Ironman sessions each week for the last 4 weeks. I have a long run on tap for today and I can't wait! I have never been more driven, committed, focused and motivated. Something has definitely changed in me and it's great!

My cycling is stronger than it has ever been and my running is right where I left off before the accident. I have not been able to do any speed work with running in 2 months, but my mileage is still up and my pace is actually quicker than before with very little effort. Must be because I have a lighter load to carry. It's all positives and I'm feeling great.

As far as the injury itself. I'm getting back to normal now. Gone are the days of the Ninja blender. No more liquid food!!  I am able to eat mushy things now, but still cannot chew well. The left side of my face is still completely numb. I have accepted the fact that the feeling may never come back and that's ok. At least if I get kicked in the face while open water swim racing, I won't even feel it ;) #positives? My weight capped off with a 14 pound total loss. I have been able to add a couple of those lbs back lately, so am feeling good about that.

I am looking forward to the upcoming season and planning which races to do now. Obviously Ironman Lou is my main race, but there are so many races in between that I would like to do too. My season will start off in Florida with the St. Anthony's race and I can't wait for that. It's my absolute fave and such a great race! Also, I have been trying to talk Rich into racing pro again. The pressure is on. We'll see if he can take the heat.

Anyway, just a quick update!

Thanks for reading.


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