Monday, February 16, 2015


So, yesterday I decided it was time to sync my Garmin since it was last done in September. After the sync finished, I was flipping through my old workouts and came across one that I had completely forgotten that was on my Garmin....the crash. I had completely forgotten that my 910 was on and recorded the accident.

I know you probably don't get it, and it may seem weird, but yesterday I sat and watched the play of the crash over and over. Watching my heart rate, watching where gps showed my movements, etc etc. After a couple of times watching, I noticed something bizarre. So, I watched again and then again. At the time of the crash my heart rate was obviously elevated. When my face hit the ground, it was elevated. It was what happened in the moments after, that I had no idea about. My heart BPM recording dropped to zero '0'. From the time 6:16 until 6:24 on the playback. 8 seconds of 0. What the???

I watched again. I did a screen shot. I looked again. Was this during the time I can't remember being on the ground and was it during this time I don't remember how I got from the road to the sidewalk? 8 seconds of zero. WHAT THE???
6:09- tip of the HR drop

6:16 -0 bpm

6:24- When the HR started recording again at 115bpm 
8 seconds...where was the beat? Was this during the time that I do NOT have any recollection of anything.What the??? 

So this has left me very curious. When a persons suffers a head trauma how it can affect the heart beat?  Can a concussion have anything to do with the bpm drop? Was the pain so intense that my body tried to block the pain immediately after impact? Was it shock? When I laid crumpled on the ground did I hold my breath in some sort of frozen moment. I don't know. I would love an explanation and maybe some swanky heart doctor will read it and give me an opinion. My heart rate strap was on and in place so it's not that as you can see by the HR recording. I actually forgot it was on until we were at the hospital, so it wasn't that. It's just weird.

Still thinking about it this morn, I went back through all of my workouts last year and even checked the data from Ironman to see if there was ever a heart rate drop like that. In every single recorded session, there was not one. Not one except for this one. 

Well, apparently Garmin does catch it all and like I said it was interesting to see this. Very interesting and a little bit freaky.... 

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Anonymous said...

Woe. That is weird. Is the part after the crash when you were hauled off by the ambulance?

Man, I would show that to my doc! I assumed that the strap was temporarily misaligned, but what you wrote suggests that isn't the case at all!

I wonder if anyone has studied this? It's not like a scientist could do a study (who would volunteer, eh?).

SO glad you're okay!