Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Nooooooooooo! Saw the surgeon last Wednesday and well, seems I lost the jaw healing lottery. Doc did new scans and there has been little change and my condyle fracture is not healing in the correct position, matter of fact it is healing super slowly-- at best. 

Doc said that the only way to correct it completely would be the surgery, and he didn't think he could go in through my mouth, the cut would have to be on the outside, which means from my ear down.  Oh, hold on doc!!! What are my options here?? There is another option. We can continue with the closed method and the bone will heal itself, but it will not heal in the best position. Basically, he put it to me like this...."If you can live with a deviation of the jaw (crooked jaw) and joint clicking/pain from time to time, he is happy to continue to try the route that we are currently taking. Basically, if I don't have the surgery, my jaw will always be crooked when I open my mouth. Can I live with that? Um, yes. Can I live with jaw pain from time to time? Ummm, hello....Ironman athlete here ;) Pain is my friend. Right?!?!?
I do not want surgery for several reasons, but mainly because of where the fracture is. It's surrounded by facial nerves and if one is damaged it could leave me far worse off that I am now. Yes, I am paranoid about that. So, I have to weigh up my options and I guess that means I will living life a little wonky. With that being said-- because there hasn't been much change he said I'm looking at around 5 more weeks of this!Another 5 looooong weeks!! My weight has been holding steady for a while, which is good- 12lb drop in total. Not too bad. A bit on the too skinny side now, but no doubt I can get some of those pounds back soon! Already planning my trip to Mellow Mushroom for an XL Ceaser all to myself!! Then perhaps HUGE chipotle burrito! Mmmm Mmmmm!! 
This is how I feel about 5 more weeks .....
And on a positive training note, last week I got in all 9 of my Ironman sessions. Yep, I did, and back at it for this week.  I'm really happy about that. Still not able to push very hard in most sessions because of the breathing, but I'm happy to be active and keeping my fitness level up. I was able to do my max bike intervals on the trainer and actually reached and held my max power for that session. That made me super happy.  I have races in April that I want to be ready for! Also, I will be traveling to California in April to help out with the Vandkerkitten road cycling camp which I'm really excited about! Lots of cycling in the wine country! Check it out here and join if you can Vanderkitten Santa Ynez Road Cycling Camp. Only 10 spots left for this one! 

Even though the new year started out a little bumpy for me, there are lots of new things happening and I am really excited about what's in store for 2015!! Onward and upward!! 

Cheers ~

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