Sunday, January 4, 2015



We made the looooooong journey home on Friday and what a journey it was. Being held up in security at Heathrow was an absolute nightmare. As a result, we had to scramble to the plane and I couldn't get anything to eat. Being on a liquid diet on the go is not easy. On the plane with a 9.5 hour flight back to the states, without food that I could eat... not good. There was nothing, and I mean nothing that they had on the plane that I could even get past my lips. Needless to say, I was hangry (yes, hangry ha)from the time I woke up Friday until 14 hours later when I finally was able to get to food!

With that being said, this liquid/soft diet sucks! I have lost 6 pounds since the accident last week. 6 whole pounds. EEEK! I have 5 weeks to go on this diet and so I am trying my best to figure out ways to get as many calories in as possible so I don't lose much weight. Meet my new best friend--THE NINJA!

In desperation/starvation last night, I decided to go and purchase myself this bad boy and I am SO glad I did. I made spaghetti for dinner for the fam last night and then I threw in some noodles, bolognese and even some steamed carrots and broccoli. In 15 seconds, I had a big bowl of slop spaghetti and it was actually very good.  Liquid spaghetti! Yum! This morning I had a nice breakfast of soy, cocoa, cream of wheat, banana, and a little peanut butter mixed in for fun. It was nice. I am learning and will get the hang of this whole liquid gig and hopefully keep my weight in check these next 5 weeks. Fingers xd.

So, today I went into the surgeon who saw me on a Sunday, yes a Sunday! So thankful to have some good connections with some fabulous dental peeps. They did a new scan and some awesome imagery of my face and jaw. Turns out I have two additional fractures along with the condyle fracture. I have a fracture just below my two bottom front teeth and also at the bottom of my chin which is what hit the road first in the accident. We didn't about the two other fractures until today. Good news is...stitches are now out! YAY!
Total fractures: 3-  Total teeth damaged: 7

 Ok, so here's what happens next. Dr. C changed the placement of the bands after making me cry some massive tears and nearly coming out of the chair by manipulating my jaw bone and OMG THAT HURT. Anyway, once he did that, he reapplied the bands to bring my jaw into a different position. The trouble is that is has been 7 days since the accident. He thinks that there is a possibility that with new bands added, my jaw could align in a fairly normal position and heal on it's own just by being banded for the next few weeks. However, since it has been 7 days, there is a possibility that it will not heal in a favorable spot and if not, surgery will be done. More waiting for this girl :(  Tomorrow I will see an orthodontist for more buttons/brackets so they can put more bands on my teeth to keep my jaw in place. After tomorrow, I go back on Tuesday to see Dr. C and within a few days he will know if this will work or I will need to have the surgery. Really hoping this works, because who wants to have jaw surgery??!! As far as my teeth, they look to be in good health and only broken off in places. Dr. B will be able to repair the many damaged teeth and I will have to see her every 3 months to make sure that the teeth in the front are ok from the fracture in the front of my chin. My 2 bottom front teeth separated at the time of impact. However, they are slowly coming back together and I can feel them again. Good sign.
Took this today. The swelling has gone down but my left cheek is still fat and crooked.
I'm hanging in there and staying positive.  I think the hardest part is not being able to eat what I want. The pain is actually manageable now. So, total recovery if the bands works is 8-10 weeks. If I have surgery, I don't know yet. Dr. C said to keep it light but I can get on the bike and can try to swim, but I will not be able to run for a few weeks. I'm not actually sure if I can swim right now, (turning my head to breath might be a prob) but I am damn sure going to try. I will keep it all easy until healed and then get busy with my training.  It's 2015 and I have a lot to do!! Thanks again for all the messages. And to all of you who have messaged me about coming over to clean my house and to babysit...I will be calling you first thing in the morn ha ;) j/k. But I do appreciate the kindness from all. Much appreciated. xoxo 

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