Friday, September 19, 2014


5th Overall AG Female-  Time- 25:22 / Speed Avg: 23.7mph

WHOA! What was I thinking? Doing a TT just two weeks after IMLOU. To say this one hurt is probably an understatement. My muscles felt ok, it was the inside that hurt. The tiredness. I felt fine in the beginning, but lap three into this time trial the pain on fatigue took over. I felt this huge wave of exhaustion completely cover me like a fog.

It was a bit exhausting just getting there as always. Toddler in tow. Rich out of town. Charlotte 5:00 traffic. Ugh. I think I was probably tired when I arrived just from all of that. Thankful for teammate Jon Bush for helping me calm down and get ready to roll.

I had only ten minutes from the time I got my gear on until I was to start. Not much warm up. I got in two small laps of the short track to warm up. I needed more, but at least it was enough to get the blood circulating.

 It was go time before I knew it. As always, I went from 0-23mph in a few seconds. Careful, careful...I kept saying the words to myself. Control, control, control. I eased off a bit. Heart rate high, but manageable. Breathing a-ok. This is good. I felt strong and in control.

Lap one and two- I was still feeling pretty good. I felt that I had some really good power behind the legs and so was mashing the pedals down hard. I absolutely love that feeling. As I started lap three, that is when it happened. The fog...aka IM exhaustion. I could feel it almost swallow me up right there in lap 3.
Ha! THE FOG caught up with me! (Like my artwork?)
Lap four, I slowed 8 seconds. I tried pushing through. It was hurting and I could feel the effects of what Ironman had taken out of my body. I was able to drop it back down on lap five to 2:25 which was four seconds under my first two laps. I tried to hold on, but on lap six I was falling again. Adding 2 more seconds. On the last lap, I'm not sure how, but I was able to drop it back down to match the pace of my first two laps...2:21. I was so happy to finish!! Total time: 25:33- Speed Avg: 23.7mph

 Overall I was pretty pleased with my performance especially given the fact that this was just two weeks after Ironman. Happy that I was able to pull it off.  It was not my personal best, but that's ok. I will be working on that next year. Having done absolutely no bike speed work in six weeks certainly showed out there. It was really nice seeing many friends and teammates at the track. Several teamies ended up with new PB's and some really speedy times. So happy for them and very proud of them.

I think these TT's are the most fun. If you are in the area, def give them a try. This was my third TT ever, and I hope to learn from these and work harder at them next year. I will shoot for the whole series next year as well.


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