Friday, July 4, 2014


June 18- Charlotte Motor Speedway ~CCTTA Time Trial Series. 

2nd Age Group Finish & 6th Overall Female - 23.5mph Avg

Since starting my asthma meds, I have been feeling much better, so I decided to head back to Charlotte Motor Speedway to do my second time trial event. The sweltering summer heat is now upon is here in NC and summer thunderstorms come along with that. 

We made our way to Charlotte and as we rolled into the car park, the clouds rolled in too. I was afraid that they would cancel, but luckily the actual storm held off until later. The winds were a different story. As the storm was brewing, so were the winds. They weren't brutal, just annoying and certainly put a hurting on me. They seemed to swirl inside the arena and there was only a short recovery with a tail wind. This time trial was my second, I was slower than my first, and this one hurt a little more too.

From April up until the week before this time trial, I did not do any speed-work/power trainer session because of the lung problems that I have had. 8 weeks of no hard work and man, I felt it during the TT. riding partner, Leyla mistook this teeth gritting for a smile. I was ready to go!
7:00= Go time. I completely forgot the one rule that I needed to remember from my first time trial mistake. Build into it!! Don't start too hard! Anyway, I took off like a rocket and so did the heart rate. From zero to 25mph. Boom. I was off. I felt okay for the first lap and my avg was way up. I knew I couldn't hang onto it though, so slowed after the first lap. My first lap split was 2:16, but they progressively got slower. TIME TRIAL MISTAKE TONYA. Anyway, I fully remembered into lap two that I needed to calm it down, and from there tried to set my pace. Heart rate screaming, legs felt okay. Lap two went well...UGH WIND!
Lap three--I wanted to go home...that damn wind. 
Lap four--I wanted to take a nap and my legs were starting to ache...I loathe wind.  
Lap 5--I thought I was going to blow, legs screaming...wind sucks. 
Lap 6--I dug deep and reminded myself I was strong...screw you wind. 
 Lap 7- I increased my speed and came in for the finish. Woo hoo! Such relief when the finish is crossed. 
Huge difference in this time trial. First and most important- I COULD BREATHE. Second, when I finished I was not coughing, spitting up blood, hacking etc etc. I felt okay. Thank you asthma meds!
Third, time trials require speed work and now that I am feeling better, I will be back at those sessions. It really makes a difference in cycle strength!
 Zacks Bracelets for Swimming
I was happy to have finished another race. Happy to have the support of my family there. Thanks to Rich, Caleb and Abby for their support as always. They are my crew!

Until next time...cheers~

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