Friday, June 6, 2014


Well, just when I thought things were getting semi-back to normal on the training front, I did a little race last weekend (post on that next) and once again, my lungs just got the best of me.

Over these last 8 weeks, it has been a crazy quest trying to figure out what is wrong with my breathing! Yes, the pleurisy diagnosis seemed to make absolute sense. I've been patient, keeping it pretty much all in a comfortable zone and taking off from any really hard training for nearly two months. I haven't been on the trainer in so long I have forgotten what that feels like, so I knew a sprint this past weekend would be tough, but I didn't know just how tough it would be...on my lungs. I have really been annoyed with all of this, and still am. It has been 2 months since I have actually been able to do a hard bike session...2 months! I was able to get in a couple of good runs, but still lacking on the important training. I just couldn't do it. Couldn't push it. The same happened to me this past Saturday and as a result...once again, led me to go in for more tests yesterday.

I think I've been to doctors more times in the last couple of months, than I've been to in my whole life, apart from having my children. I just don't go and luckily, I haven't really ever needed to. Anyway, I'm very in tune with my body and know when something is off, and after this past weekend, I went demanding more answers.
After seeing a specialist yesterday, I got my answer all right. On top of the viral infection that caused the inflammation on my left lung (pleurisy), I now have been diagnosed with asthma. Yes, that's right. Asthma. Just Great! I certainly wasn't expecting to hear that. At the very least, I suspected maybe exercise induced. Not full blown asthma and that's on top of inflammation still on my left lung. Actually, the asthma was there before the viral infection. Double whammy.
Ah, sweeeeet medication!

So, with my test wonder I struggled so much with my breathing this past weekend. My spirometry test showed my lungs to be holding 2 liters LESS than what they should be. 2 LITERS!

After the initial test, I had to take a breathing treatment through a medicated nebulizer. After 20 minutes of puffing on that, I waited to take another spirometery test. This was to check my lung function after the meds, and the results were better than the initial test. The meds worked. After using the nebulizer, I felt SOOO much better! I could finally take a deep breath. Not sure when I was last able to do that!!

So, what happens next? Well, I have to take an inhaled corticosteroid twice daily. Then I have an emergency inhaler that I will have to use before and during racing/training.

Meet MO & two new best friends!
The lung inflammation may linger around for a while he said. There's no time frame on that, I'm afraid, but at least I know that most of my issues have now been resolved. My asthma may get less symptomatic later in the year, which is good. My symptoms are heightened by the pollen, grasses, etc. I have to follow up in 6 months. Until then, I will huff, I will puff and I will get my arse back into some quality training because now, I can breathe!! Woooooo!

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