Friday, May 30, 2014


Two weeks ago, I started coaching a new group of future triathletes. I absolutely love to watch these men and women take steps to become something that some view as unachievable--a triathlete.

I believe that triathlon is achievable for everyone, but you have to put in the work and you also have to be pretty bull minded. It doesn't necessarily come easy. Triathletes aren't just runners. We are also swimmers and cyclists. We have three sports to do...all in one race. It is achievable for everyone, but you have to really want it and I absolutely love it when people take on this exciting new challenge.

When I started in triathlon, I didn't know a thing about it, really. I didn't know any triathletes, didn't know how to train, never mind do an actual race, didn't know what to wear or even what gear I would need. What I knew though, was that it was something that I really wanted to achieve. I wanted to do this sport. I did a little Internet homework. I spent lots of time scouring the web trying to figure out what the heck a transition was, how would I ever clip in a bicycle pedal, what's wrong with toe cages?? What is lubing up?  OMG, do I really have to wear this skin tight tri suit? Should I wear a sports bra under this ungodly skin tight tri suit?

Surely, I don't look a native of the planet Remulak in this swim cap?? I certainly have an appetite like one though. Ummm, I will likely never ever be able to do a flip turn. Didn't even know it was called a flip turn then, I think I referred to it as "that roll swimmers do." I  thought after my first swim, that now would probably be a good time to take out that life insurance policy, because I was almost certain that I would drown in my first race.

We really don't look like this...I think?
All of the questions that I had rolling through my mind left me a bit weary. I didn't know what I was doing. The thought of it all scared me a little, but also gave me a thrill. I signed up for my first triathlon not knowing what I was doing or how I would come close to survival on race day.

I did, however, survive that triathlon and even though it hurt a little at times during training and the race, crossing the finish line was one of the most amazing feelings that I had ever felt. It was also a great learning experience. I knew that I wanted to do another triathlon and I had learned so much from the first one, that I took that into my second and third and fourth...and so on. I was hooked and now many triathlons and 4 Ironman's later, I know that back in 2009, I made the right choice by choosing triathlon. It has transformed my life in so many ways.

Everyone has to start somewhere, we were all rookies at one time or another! If you have the desire and the determination to become a triathlete, then you can certainly do it. Believe in yourself!

The rookies in my training group are on their way to something great. They inspire me with their grit and determination. Last night I had them do run intervals and they all were worked so hard and never let up for a second. I can see that they all have what it takes to become triathletes and I also know that once they do, they will feel like they are on top of the world. That makes me happy. To give to them the things that I have learned and to help them to achieve the greatness that is triathlon. I certainly love my job!

Lastly, I have a few things to say to all future triathletes....

Triathlon--the word in itself may sound a bit intimidating, but it's really not so bad. Don't be afraid of it. You can do this!! There may be days when it will hurt, it may hurt really bad, and that's OK. It will take time but don't give up for a second. It will require dedication, but you already know this. It will require willpower and you have what it takes. You will need to make healthy decisions, triathlon is a lifestyle. It requires takes time and that sometimes takes time away from other important things. At times you will need to push yourself to the limits, that's how we get better and grow. It will not always be easy, some days you will want to throw in the towel, but you won't. It will be hard, but I can promise you this though, in the end, it will be worth it. Once you start, you can't stop. You will cross that finish line and you will be a changed person. Crossing that finish line happens so fast, but when you do, see it. Look at the word...see the word "FINISH", savor it, live that moment and know that you have finished an amazing task and be proud! Forever proud because, you my friend, are now a triathlete.
Big thanks to Cher, Martin, Wilson, Rhonda, Michelle, Julie, Wilson and Nick for working so hard each week. You guys are truly an inspiration. Now...don't forget to do your training this weekend!! ;)

Happy Weekend All~

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