Wednesday, April 9, 2014


What defines brave?

Over the last few months, I've heard the shocking news of four young people who have all been diagnosed with cancer. One is my friend from my childhood that I've know since age 6, two are beautiful young mothers in our local community and the most recent is our neighbor...a 7th grade boy who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer.

Meet Matthew--

Matthew and Abby
I took this picture on Monday after speaking with Matthew while he was out for a walk. We spoke briefly and I noticed that the entire time that we spoke, he never stopped smiling. He is undergoing aggressive treatment at the moment and just look at that smile!!

I saw his sweet mother a few minutes later and she had the same smile. The positive vibes that I felt coming from these two souls really touched me. Deeply. Caleb is the same age as Matthew and upon hearing the news of Matthew, it really made me hurt for his mother. However, when I finally spoke to her on Monday, I realized something. I realized that she is strong. She is STRONG. I could feel it. They are not letting cancer win. I told Matthew to hang tough and he smiled and said "Yes, ma'am." I looked at that young man and that smile, and in my heart, I feel that he will win this battle. His smile says it all.

After speaking with Matthew, Abby and I turned to walk home and I felt a warm, almost peaceful comfort come over me. Matthew had touched me with his bravery. Matthew, to me, you define brave and so do you Susan, Amber and Megan. Maybe our brave isn't truly revealed until a time in our lives when we have to become braver than we ever thought possible. I admire you all for your bravery even when you are scared or uncertain.

You can read about Matthew here...Matthew... Matthew has created a top 10 list of things he would like to do. If any of you can help, or know anyone who can help him with the things on his list, please visit his Caring Bridge Page. The link is included in the above link. Hashtag on twitter...#top10formatt.

I told Matthew that I would race tonight and that he would be on my mind. To be able to have our health and to do the things we love should never be taken for granted. That 13 year old boy helped me to learn in only a few minutes what brave really is and it's something that I will never ever forget.

Bless all who are fighting the battle. Stay strong & positive and know that a lot of people believe in your brave.

Love & well wishes,

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