Sunday, March 23, 2014


Aha! Well, I've been MIA on the blog scene lately. Where have the last 3 months gone? I can tell you one's been busy round here. I have a teenager and an 18 month old who keep me more than busy. Especially the tot! She's into EVERYTHING. I don't get the change to open the computer much as little hands are always plucking at the keys when I do, blogging.

I thought rather than write a whole long blah blah blog about the last 3 months, I will try and summarize.

Trip to our beloved Florida....twice.

  • Started Insanity and P90x, then ended up with an injury within 2 weeks. A full year of Ironman training and not a niggle, Insanity for 2 weeks and bam!! Was out for a few weeks and a doc visit ends with a suspected meniscus tear, but no confirmed MRI to diagnose. Apparently Insanity is for the insane and not the endurance athlete. Lesson learned. My knee was incredibly swollen and painful  for three weeks and unfortunately even now, it's still painful from time to time. As long as the knee holds up with minimal pain, I'll keep going it. Meniscus tears are something that you actually can live with. Surgery is not always the best option. We shall see where this leads.
  • Not much else other than chasing Abby around and trying to make it up and down the stairs with a bum knee for the month of November. 
  • No training!! 
  • Rested! I hardly did a thing and it felt pretty darn amazing! Seriously!! I ran a few times and that was it! First time I have ever truly, completely rested in the off season. 
  • Holidays = busy, busy, busy. 
  • Started cycling again. My knee really ached with each pedal stroke, but I stuck it out. The cold temps didn't help the knee either. 
  • Did my first group ride with some of the gals from Cool Breeze. Wow, it hurt, but I needed it!
  • Started swimming again. Once a week.
  • Started some compu-trainer classes...really good stuff. 
  • Started a build cycle series with Rich. More on that later.

The fast people
  • Some group run sessions & started back with some proper run training 
Run gal group

  • Back to Florida for a third time. We held an RnR Tri Camp in St. Pete. Was so much fun!

  • Then there was snow...and lots of it. 
  • Managed to run in the snow. So much fun, but coooold!


  • More cycling with the fast people! I've found out I actually have 'real' cycle legs after 5 years. Who knew? Riding with this group has made me a better cyclist. Love it!

  •  Power Trainer Sessions- More on that in another post
  • Back into running. Committed to the hard work sessions. Painful, but good!
  • More cycling with the fast people. Love riding with the group.  It's inspiring to be part of such a great group of athletes, Kona athletes, Ironman Winners, Top 10ers, Awesome cyclists etc etc....all so so humble!!
  • Swimming twice weekly now.
  • Chasing Abby and a teenager! Full time job!
  • Full on training began on March 17 and I survived the first week. YAY!
So, that's a quick recap of a few things from the last 3 months. I'm sure I left out a ton of things, but this is the gist of it. I plan to blog more frequently now even if it's only a quick update. Lots of exciting things ahead. 

Cheers ~

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