Saturday, December 7, 2013


What a whirlwind, this thing called our life. Things have been super busy since Ironman Florida and we've had some big changes in the Allen casa. Rich has 'retired' from triathlon, or shall I say semi-retired?! Actually he has decided that he will still be racing some next season after all, which I am very excited about. He also landed a new gig with Cool Breeze Cyclery and Trek Charlotte in which he is heading up the coaching/triathlon department and working with some pretty cool people. One for example... Nascar driver Jimmy Johnson. Um, cool! So what's the wifey to do? I plan to help in his endeavors of course.

After much debate with myself,  I made the decision not to return to the Rev3 team for next season. My free time is so limited with everything going on, and especially with a 15 month old and a 12 year old, I just felt that I couldn't commit to them as I should. I decided that someone else should fill my spot for next season.  I have made some great friends on the team over the last two years and I look forward to carrying on those friendships. There are some really great people on there and I know I'll be seeing them at the races which makes me happy :)

With that being said, I am over the moon and excited to announce that I will be joining the Cool Breeze/ Trek team for 2014. I am very excited about the change and looking forward to new friendships and training/racing with local people as well. Not only that, but here's the part of helping out my hubby...not only will I be on the team, I will now also be working as Team Recruiter and the Social Coordinator for the team. FUN TIMES AHEAD! On top of that, we have a new EXCITING business in the works that will be coming in 2014. Between our RnR Tri Camps, our new business and the new team work...along with being a full time hands on momma, where is time for racing??? Oh, I can find time for that. No worries.

I am on the fence about Ironman for next summer. Maybe?! Not sure yet, but I might take the year off from the distance that I love and pick it back up for 2015. This past year has left me pooped!! IMKY is always an option and I have plenty of time to decide. So, it's definitely still on my mind. I do plan to do more local races, as time to travel will be limited with everything we have going on. I have also been toying with the notion of do 40 for 40. Which is a crazy idea that I came up with since I will be turning the big 4-0 next year. Why not do 40 races at age 40? Of course that would include anything from 5k up to Ironman. Insane? Maybe! Yes. I dunno. I am toying with it though. I have always focused on Ironman each year and it consumes me and most of my time. I think I would like to do more racing next season and just have lots of fun with it.

So far here is a tentative triathlon realistic wish list...

I am contemplating starting out 2014 with Myrtle Beach Marathon in February. I am currently nursing a knee injury (write abt that in the next one) so we will see how that plays out in the next couple of weeks before I make the final decision on that race.

  • Feb 15 -MB Marathon (tent)
  • April 27- Huntersville Sprint Tri
  • May 5 -Carolina Half Iron
  • May 31- Lake Hickory Tri
  • June 15- Rev3 Williamsburg Half
  • June 28- Bandits Challenge Tri 
  • July 19- Stumpy Creek Tri
  • July 26- Barium Tri
  • August 23- Lake Norman Tri
  • September - Ironman Augusta 70.3
  • October - Ironman Miami 70.3 
Now to only add 29 more races haha! Um, yikes!! Did I say 40 for 40? Is that even possible for me? Hell no, not really, but I'd like to try and defy the odds. I am looking into some European races, but not sure this will happen in 2014. Maybe 2015. I am completely drawn to the Lost Worlds Racing events and have my eye on a couple of races there! 

Ok, that's all the time I have. Just a quick update and I'm now off to chase around a 15 month old.


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FFCaldwell said...

Good stuff. Sometimes change can be a good thing. Best of luck to you and the Allen family. I'll be racing REV3 W'Burg and Augusta 70.3. Hope to see you there!