Thursday, November 21, 2013


(These are not my toes, however my toes used to be nice like this)
Oh, how I love pedicures with the perfect little french tip polish finish that make toes look so pretty. Yea, I used to get those kind of nice pedicures, but that was long before I became an endurance athlete.  Gone are the days of pretty toenails I'm afraid. Long gone! Each year, I lose at least three of them.  Luckily they do grow back, but then another tri season rolls around and those new nails are subject to a life cut short. This year has been more forgiving for me than my last IM season that's for sure.

Just this past Monday, two weeks post IMFL, I was soaking in a nice warm bubble bath and I saw this floating in the water. Ew!

Yep, it's my toenail.  The entire nail. Gone, just like that. And, that makes three toenails in the last 8 weeks that have bitten the dust and now my left foot is looking a little really gross. Pink polish will go on tender skin soon to at least give off the appearance of a nail. All I can say is thank goodness it's now winter and I'm not wearing sandals for a while. I have decided to show off my runner toes here on my blog once again. My apologies if you are squeamish, and if you are...turn back now ;) Two Ironman marathons within an 8 week period have claimed three nails on my left foot.

140.6 + 140.6 in 8 weeks time = 3 nails GONE!
 Even the bottoms of my feet look scary after!! Ew!
(The bottom of my toes after IMKY. Yes, I started peeling the blisters off  in this one

So, to those you who are new to running or to those who dream of running long and racing long, just know that one day after the long run or long race, while soaking in a nice warm bubble could find maybe one, two, or three of those little things called toenails floating in your bath water too ;)


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