Tuesday, June 11, 2013


We've all been there in training! That point where you feel like you've been walloped. 
This about sums up how I felt after last weeks training!
Unfortunately, upon our return home from Greece, a monster virus somehow found it's way in and has taken it's toll. GAAAAAAAH! Being sick sucks! We never get sick really. Pretty lucky that way I guess, except this time. With the long travel days and time changes, we were pretty run down which left our immune systems vulnerable. Enter - THE WORST VIRAL INFECTION that I've ever known. It's been 2 weeks now and this virus is still lingering. I feel 80% better, but I still am not quite up to par. This of course in the midst of some pretty important training for both myself and Rich. 

I made the decision not to toe the line in my first tri of 2013 which was this past weekend. Not an easy decision as it's a great race and lots of fun. I won my age group in that race last time, so I was looking forward to getting back there and seeing what I could do this year. Oh, well, I just couldn't muster the strength for it this time, but at least it's not one of my more important races that I'm missing.

We pretty much had to write the whole month of May off. That's right. A whole month. Add the 2 weeks with the virus and it's nearly 6 weeks out of training. NICE! Right smack dab in the middle of some pretty important stuff. Coaching in Greece is a full on job and even though we are out there swimming, biking and running, there is no structured training for us. We are there to coach and work with athletes which we love. If there's any down time (which on RnR Tri Camps ,there's not much) we might be able to sneak in a little training.

Time is ticking now and Rev3 Williamsburg is fast approaching. As long as I continue to improve and feel better, I will toe the line on race morning. I have been looking forward to this race for a long time, but unfortunately due to the above circumstances, am going in very much under trained. Going into a half/70.3 with a 6 week taper is not really ideal, but I am sure I can manage. They goal as always is to have fun and I'm looking forward to seeing many of my teammates there. I won't really taper for the race which is not ideal either, but it's only 9 weeks until my Ironman taper begins and... BEAST MODE IS ON!! No time for dilly dallying.

This past weeks training was okay. I managed to get in all 9 sessions, even the long ride. The ride left me pretty exhausted as the virus zapped my energy and continues to do so. At mile 70, I had to actually stop and sit down right there on the side of the road for a couple minutes. I wanted to take a nap, I called Rich, and  in true Coach Rich style, he told me to suck it up and gave me his little words of wisdom " If it were easy, they would call it Flower Man." That's always enough to put me back to where I need to be. So back in the saddle I went to finish up my ride.

At mile 70, on the side of the road. Energy zapped by lingering virus!
Another week is here with some very long training days ahead. I am ready to go and eager to give it my all for these next 9 weeks in prep for my next big 140.6 in Kentucky. It is after all the distance that I love most. I'm ready to get down to it and am also looking forward to upcoming races in between :)

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