Sunday, December 9, 2012


Around a week ago, I started running with Abby in the Bob Ironman jog stroller.  Since she is only 11 weeks old, we have to use the car seat adapter with her in the car seat as to stabilize her head and neck. Once she is 6 months old, we can just use the stroller but for now we have the extra added weight of the car seat attached which makes running not the easiest.

Abby's first 5k with Mom
The first run with Abby was great! We got in 5 miles together and she slept pretty much the whole time. Running with a jog stroller is a bit challenging. Run form is definitely not the same and you have to tweak it just to really have a good run pace at all. The first run with the Bob was a bit uncomfortable but I practiced working on changing form to make it work. We ran again the very next day and got in another 5 miles and this time, she smiled the whole run. She loves it! By the second run with the stroller, I had pretty much gotten the hang of it. I will say that running with a jog stroller is not the easiest especially uphill. Where we live --there is no flat! I do, however, feel that running with the stroller will make me a stronger better runner. One can hope anyway. I ran again with Abby another 5 miles for a total of 15 miles with her in 3 days time. In between, I have been cycling, mountain biking and running the trails, so have had a pretty solid week of training with a total of 37 miles running. I decided last minute to enter a 5k race with Abby for the weekend and really had no expectations at all (is that possible?!?). It was to go out there and enjoy a race pushing my baby daughter.The rest of the fam went as well.

Race morning--I'm still only getting around 4 solid hours of sleep every night, so when 7:00 am rolled around it was all I could do to get out of bed. Not only that, but the weather forecast WRONG as usual. Instead of the sunny & 70 we were supposed to be seeing, it was cold, misting rain and just plain dreary which added to my feelings of just pulling the covers back up and sleeping in for another hour. I decided to make a move anyway. This was Abby's first 5k with her mom and dad and that alone was exciting. Forget the weather. So out of the bed I rolled.

This was the first time preparing for a race with baby, even though only a 5k everything is much different now. Can't imagine how life will be on Ironman morning. YIKES! Routine went a little something like this...feed baby, play with baby, change baby diaper(s), wait...feed self. Get baby ready, pick out the right clothes for the weather for baby, get blankets, diapers, wipes, etc prepared to take. Feed Caleb. Feed Zoe. Oh yea, I had better get dressed. Wait, baby needs changing again. We need to leave in 5 minutes. Ha! So, I finally got dressed and was out the door in less than 5 minutes. Exhausted already....

We got to the race site and had about 20 minutes to spare. We unloaded and got Abby into position. We started to the sign in table and then Abby starts to scream. I knew that scream meant one thing and one thing only....FEED ME!! Talk about timing. Abby still feeds pretty much on demand. Sometimes 4 hours, sometimes 5, sometimes 2,  so I'm basically a walking milk bottle. All good though she's growing and healthy. Anyway, back to the dilemma here. I sent Rich to pick up our packets and off to the car I go. This was one of those feedings where Abby wanted to just go on and on and on's 5 minutes before the race is to start and Abby is still eating and I need to pee. YIKES! We were parked nearly half a mile from the actual race start so I was starting to sweat. Heart rate already elevated! Abby's first race was going to be us sitting in the car with her eating?!??!

4 minutes until race start. Ok, Abby let's finish this later. So next comes burping. Abby is a stubborn burper but luckily on this occasion it only took about a minute to get a couple good ones. Hand off Abby to Rich so I could get the boob back in place for running. I jumped out of the car, grabbed the stroller and ran like mad to get to the race start. As we were approaching...."Rich darling, where are our race numbers/timing?" He looks at me with that oooops look. He/we had forgotten to get them out of the car. Oh no...Abby's first race and we are going to be the last finishers?? Rich and Caleb darted the 1/2 mile run back to the car to get the race numbers. Again, my heart rate was super elevated now. Everyone was lined up just waiting for the gun to go at any second. I thought for a second of whispering to the RD to please wait, but then figured the whole run crowd may very well shoot me. They looked hungry and ready to run. I am standing on the side looking back and waiting for Rich. Seemed like ages he was gone and the RD raised the gun to start the race. He mumbled a few words and then BANG! The race started and there I was just standing there watching people run by. After about 45 seconds into the race I saw Rich running towards me with the numbers so I just took off knowing he would catch me with them. I started passing people with the stroller and could hear them saying things about being passed by a stroller hehe.  I looked down and my heart rate was 183bpm. Mostly from all of the above 'stressing' factors, but knew I would soon blow if I didn't slow it down a bit. Rich caught me up and handed me my number which I ran with in my hand the whole time. 

All the while....Abby slept.

Rich had decided to run this race with us at my pace and that was nice. I have done absolutely no real speed work since having Abby 11 weeks ago, but have just been logging in some nice easy enjoyable mileage for the most part. Right away I could feel the effects of no speed work and wait, I am pushing a jog stroller that weighs 24 lbs, a car seat that weighs 12 lbs and a baby that weights 14 lbs for a whopping total of 50lbs and trying to run fast. Never mind, this was a race for fun. A race of many with my 11 week old baby daughter so let go of the feelings of being competitive for this one. Still pleased to be passing people and settling into some sort of a rhythm. The first 1 1/2 miles of the course were false flat which made it tougher pushing the stroller. We hit the turn around in what seemed ages but felt good to be turning back for home.

Enjoying the race more at this point, I actually looked into the stroller and at my sleeping baby girl and thought to lucky am I? To be able to do the things I love with my husband and children. My cup runneth over. I forgot about the burn in my legs and smiled the whole rest of the run with my heart absolutely glowing.

"The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us." —AshleyMontagu
We finished the race with Abby in 27 minutes which is nothing to write home about, but considering I had pushed the stroller for the 5k and also with running with 10lb boobs and just had a baby 11 weeks ago, I was pretty pleased. Especially since I just started running with the stroller a few days ago. We will get better and faster in the stroller and no doubt it will make me a much stronger runner. The sun had come out and the temps were warm. Santa and Mrs. Claus were there. What a fun day. There will be many more stroller races to come, guaranteed!
Caleb & Abby

Abby & Mom just chilling in our socks after the race :)

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Alisa said...

Wow, great race. Sadly, 27 minutes would be a PR for me, sans stroller and extra boobage :).

You are coming back into training so strong. You and Rich are great roll models for your little one.

Can't wait to hear about more running with the stroller.