Thursday, November 1, 2012


6 weeks post baby
Well, here I am now at 7 weeks post baby now and feeling pretty darn good. The above photo was taken last week after a crazy insanity workout. As you probably already know, I am a person who believes in taking care of myself inside and out and even with a baby and an 11 year old, I somehow manage the time to get it all done. I am not one to make excuses and know that the only way to get there is to do it with hard work, so that's what I am prepared to do. I feel pretty good in my sessions given the amount of sleep I've been getting, but somehow the body just adjusts to these thing.

As soon as we brought Abby home from the hospital, I began moving right away. The first couple of weeks were just walking and strolling Abby around the neighborhood. The first couple of days were tough and I thought I would drop at only half a mile. How quickly that all changed.

Around 3 weeks postpartum, I had to visit my doctor for a checkup and he gave me permission at that time to begin running as soon as I hit 4 weeks, and he said to start slowly. Well, any of you reading that really know me, know that I jump in head first and am head strong so I had a plan already. I have really missed running, so the first day I laced up the trainers...I was off.
Running in my Pearl Izumi ISO Transitions
 It felt so good. Actually it felt pretty amazing except for one thing....boobies!!! Well, lets just say last years sports bra was certainly NOT going to do the trick. After that first run, it was either buy a boulder holder or tape those gals down. I opted to buy a bra and luckily found a life saver--or boob saver that is. The Under Armour Endure high impact. It works! Why do women actually pay for boobs? I cant wait to be small again!!!! Anyhoo... the most surprising thing of all on that first run was my breathing. I thought for sure my cardio capacity would be very small, but it wasn't. In fact, I felt stronger. I attribute this to working out while pregnant for 9 months. I was seeing the rewards for staying in shape while carrying Abby. Not only that, my heart rate max seemed to be much higher and my resting heart rate much lower. Hmmmm...more on that later. The first run after Abby was complete and I had gotten in 2 whole miles. I know that doesn't seem for an endurance athlete, but I had just squeezed out a nearly 9lb baby three weeks prior. OUCH! After the first run, there was another, then another. I ran every day and they got longer and stronger. I ran 30 miles my first week back. Now I am running about the same every week, sometimes less as I am not in any kind of training, only working on fitness at the moment.

 I also started cycling at 5 weeks postpartum and boy was I super proud to finally get into my Rev3 Team Cycling Kit. It was one of my postpartum goals to squeeze back into the Lycra ;) So, I hopped on the bike I thought surely it would hurt a little, (oh, how I feared the saddle) but again surprisingly enough, none of it really hurt. I was pleased to see that I still have the endurance, but I obviously have lost a lot of cycling strength and will be working to get that back each session now.  Oh, how good it feels to be back out on the road. The fall weather has made it even more enjoyable, so I am loving cycling at the moment!!
Autumn Sunset. What a nice view for the end of my ride
My first week back in cycling, I got in almost 100 miles in the saddle. Woo hoo! Now to the love! I swam right up until 38 weeks pregnant and at that time was still swimming around 2200m. I finally got back in the pool at 6 weeks postpartum and my first swim was 2.5k. As soon as I started it felt so good and I felt so light. Swimming with the huge bump dragging your body downward for 9 months was definitely a challenge, so again I had strength from doing that and not only that, I felt great in the water. Again, just like my other disciplines, the strength is not there but I have the endurance. All of this is to be expected though. I did have almost 11 months off.
 With all of the above, I have also started not only P90X but a P90X/Insanity hybrid workout. It's tough but I love it. I am seeing changes in my body and in my strength in only two weeks. They are awesome workouts. I will blog more about those in my next post.

Most people think I am a little crazy doing all of these things, but that's okay. I know my body and I know what it is capable of. I love training. I love pushing myself. I love being fit and healthy. Countless women said to me during pregnancy..."You know a woman's body changes during pregnancy and your body is never the same after a baby." Well to that I say, HA! Yes you can get your body back, but it takes a little thing called hard work and dedication to do it!

So, what is my schedule for next season? I would like to do a race called Frosty 50 in January. I plan to do the 25k so long as I get in good quality run training between now and then.
I will likely do a some other run races here and there for fun through the winter but come Jan/Feb back in full blown tri training. So far I am planning Rev3 races...Quassy, Williamsburg, Anderson and FL for 2013. Check out for more info on these races. I can't wait to finally wear my Rev3 kit and do these!! I will also be doing Ironman Louisville again and possibly Arizona.  Rich will have a crazy busy race schedule as well, so it will definitely be interesting.

Obviously kiddos and family comes first and foremost, training comes second, and that's how we roll. Sometimes training sessions will be missed, and that's ok, but we always manage because we are a team and for that I am thankful.

A smile and a wave from Abby! 7 weeks old :)

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