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Long blog. As you can imagine, life's been keeping us busy. I think I last wrote somewhere around 36 weeks'ish and well, now Abigail is here. The last few weeks of the pregnancy were pretty normal. I was tired and cranky but still managed to drag myself to the treadmill to get in some easy slow miles. I swam right up until the last two weeks and my tummy was so heavy that it became a little too much for my back to take. Hey...I swam for 9 months of my pregnancy, what's a couple weeks out? I have said it before and I'll say it a thousand times over that exercising through the pregnancy really made me feel great and not only that, we were blessed with a beautiful, happy, healthy baby girl who weighed in at 8lbs, 7oz and was 21 1/2 inches long. She's a big girl!! Delivery was not easy (could it ever be?) but I have to say that I think the exercise did keep me strong and the delivery went quick and wasn't that bad. Really.

Big Brother
Already getting in miles at 7 days old

Proud papa
 Looking back the whole 9 months went by pretty quickly, even though at the time it seemed as if it took ages and ages. I am proud of myself that I exercised and took care of myself and now recovery is going great, apart from a few little things. I saw Jessica Simpson on a talk show a few days ago and I just can't get over how much she's changed because of pregnancy. I am certainly not one to judge but why in the world would a woman not want to take care of her body for that of her health and the baby. I don't know...some people judge exercising mums and some people are content on being sedentary. To each his own I suppose. I did look up to a few athletes with total admiration throughout the pregnancy. They inspired me to keep going and stay strong and I have to give props to these women.

Bella Bayliss training with baby
Gina Crawford 6 months after giving birth
First there is 9x Ironman Champion, Gina Crawford. She is amazing. 6 months after having her son Benji, she won Challenge Wanaka!! WOW! She stopped running 16 weeks into her pregnancy and swam, walked and did yoga and a few other exercises to stay in shape. Boy did she stay in shape! She is my inspiration #1! Second...the fabulous Brit Bella Bayliss. Once again top notch athlete with 15 Ironman victories. After having her son Charlie, she's gone on to some great results just a year after giving birth.Also, triathlete Nikki Butterfield. She's gone on to have some pretty nice wins after having her cute little girl. These women are tough and they kept going through their pregnancies.

Also, other athletes such as crossfit champion Heather Bergeron who trained heavily throughout her pregnancy. She's a tough one and looks fabulous!!!

There are many others I admire for working hard while pregnant and these women inspired me to stay strong in my own pregnancy regardless of what other people thought. Gone are the cliches that women are supposed to kick their heels up and just eat and relax during pregnancy. I certainly did my fair share of that, but I kept my body strong and for that I am thankful. It took me 9 months to put on 35 pounds and only 9 days to lose 30 pounds. My boobs make up the 5 lb difference at the moment...wowza! (sorry hun)  All in all, I feel great. I am happy and healthy and so is our darling baby girl. We are all so in love with Abby.

9 days after giving birth to Abby
I am planning my 2013 season and will likely ease into some run races in the later part of the year. Next year there will be several Rev3 races on my schedule and I will also be racing Ironman Louisville and either Ironman Florida or Ironman Arizona. I am looking most forward to racing, supporting and finally wearing that Rev3 kit with pride. It's been hanging there just staring at me for months now and I'm proud to say that thanks to all the pregnancy exercise...I can actually wear it now. YAY :) Ok, time to go. Poop diapers call.


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What a cute baby! Exercise during pregnancy indeed works wonders in increasing strength and stamina and indirectly helps in delivery. I love those exercises.

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