Friday, August 3, 2012


Not much longer :)

Long time no bloggy! I have been super busy with prepping for the arrival of our baby girl, also with traveling it's been kind of hectic to say the least.

June and July were a little crazy! I certainly found out that traveling while heavily pregnant is not so easy. The trip to Connecticut for Quassy was not so bad though. The weather was cool and very much appreciated! Leaving hot HOT NC and going North was a relief for the preggy bump plus the travels were not very long. Still flying while heavily pregnant is not the easiest thing to do, so when Rich decided to race Muncie we thought we would drive to Indiana rather than fly to makes things easier. Boy, were we wrong. That was the longest drive EVER and we arrived in the mid west while it was in the middle of a massive heat wave with temps well over 100 degrees! Not exactly an easy thing to take while pregnant. While in Muncie I couldn't even go outdoors for more than 5 minutes which made things tough trying to watch hubby race. Luckily I got to shack up with the lady who was housing Bryan Rhodes and his lady for the race. That did makes things much easier. In between running to the swim start, back to the house, running to see Rich come in off the bike, then back to the house, running to the finish, then back to the house. I felt like I had just raced with all of that but so thankful to have a cool house to relax in not to mention the use of the clean toilet! Pregnant belly+ Porta Loo+ 100 Degree Temps baking what's already in race day porta loo= NOT PLEASANT!!
I couldn't even walk by one without gagging so am very thankful to have use of proper facilities. Very kind and hospitable folks there in Muncie!!

After a dissapointing race for Rich (since shortenend to an Oly) we were outta there and on the dreaded drive back to NC. By the time we got back home, we were both physically exhausted. It put me on the couch for about 4 days completely zapped of all energy. I knew at that point the travels were over until after baby! Amazing how pregnancy changes things.

The nursery is done! I am glad that we waited until the end'ish' of the pregnancy to start the nursery, pick out furniture etc. It has certainly made these last 2 months fly by. I have developed the nesting instinct over the last 6 weeks and just can't seem to stop. I have at times completely exhausted myself but hey I'm an Ironman right? I can handle it?? Not only that but I've completely gone bonkers with crafting for the nursery. What was I thinking?? Crafting... A- if you don't already have the supplies handy for costs a fortune and B- It takes way too much time. I am proud of all the things I've done but next time I'll be buying things on Etsy!

After some sweaty dreadmill mileage last week
Last weekend my wonderful friends threw a baby shower for me and it was amazing. We got so many nice things for the baby and are so luck to have special friends and family that are so loving and giving. Even got my Ironman Bob Stroller and am ready to put that baby to good use.

On the workout front....I'm still going strong. S..l...o...w...l...y, but strong. I have to carefully plan out my day to get my workouts in because by 3pm it's nap time or else. I still manage half ironman distance swim sets which makes me feel great. I swam 2.4k just yesterday with only a few weeks to go until baby. My belly feels as though it's dragging the bottom of the pool, but I just love my swimming. Plus swimming in the outdoor pool has given me quite the nice bronze glow, so not looking pasty in the pregnancy.
Still swimming strong at 8 months pregnant

I would like to say I can still run/jog some but NOPE, good gawd, there is no running at this point. I couldn't run if an ax murderer was chasing me!! Walking has turned to waddling and when I say waddle, I mean serious waddle. I feel and look like a penguin when going, but at least I am still going. Weekly mileage distance at the moment is only around 10-12 miles.

Cycling...ha! I couldn't put my bum on a bike saddle right now if I had to. I can't even sit straight on the couch. The baby's head is between my legs and well, I won't even tell you what it's like to try and use the toilet! Am I worried about getting back in bike shape? No. Rich says this one will come quick and I'll be honest, I can't wait until the day I can just take off on my bike again. I really have missed that!

I am already plotting and planning my race season for next year with 2 Ironman races on the board. I know that I will be doing Louisville again as always, a glutton for punishment with that one. Also, I am undecided as to which race to do in the later part of next year. It will either be Ironman Florida or Ironman Arizona. Both appeal to me and I really do want to test myself on a cool/flat course rather than the heat and hell of Louisville. There are some Rev3 races that I want to do and while not a big fan of Setup races, I will likely do White Lake in the spring just as a refresher and it's actually a good race. This fall I do plan to do some run races and probably trail races. I will build slowly through the couple of months after baby and then hit it hard come Jan/Feb.

I have kept my pregnancy weight to a minimal and it's exactly where it's supposed to be at this stage although I still feel swollen and squishy. All to be expected with pregnancy though but I know it will come off fast. Last time it took only 2 weeks to lose everything. I haven't gained as much this go round, so hoping for the same recovery this time. I haven't bought one article of maternity clothing and will not! So gross that stuff! I'm still in my athletic kit (most of the time) and have made the best of Old Navy with their cute stuff for the pregnancy. Baby is head down which is great. She is ready to come out and we are ready to meet her. My doctor thinks she could be here by the end of the month even though I'm technically not due until early Sept, but we shall see. Baby's come when they are ready. I do have to give praise to my husband who has been nothing but amazing this entire pregnancy. I get foot and back rubs every single night and have for the whole pregnancy. Even after he stumbles across a finish line of a race completely depleted, hours later he is taking care of me. Also, to hear everyday that you are beautiful even when you are waddling around all day in pajamas is very special. He's been amazing throughout this pregnancy and so supportive. I've whined, I've whimpered, I've been moody, I've been tired, I've been bitchy, I've been up, I've been down and a little of all in between and he's been right there smiling and supportive through it all. Even on nights before an important race, he has gotten up at 2 am to rub my back when I have been hurting. That's something that a pro athlete would never do right??! Rich cherishes his sleep but has given that up to be there for me when it's needed and I am so grateful to have such loving support.

What's the plan for after Abby's arrival? Rich will be racing Timberman and World 70.3 Champs (all dependant on when Abby comes). Then from there, well, it doesn't slow down that's for sure. There's Ironman 70.3 Pocono Mountains and then we will be heading back to our lovely Sivota for our Greece tri camp coming up in mid October. Also Rev3 SC and Rev3 Florida on the books. Also, looking like Ironman Arizona is a possibility for Rich as well this season.

Next blog will be nursery pics! We are finally finished with all things baby and now just waiting on her arrival. Soon, soon, soon :)


alyssa said...

I vote for IM AZ next year. I love that race! Tempe is a great venue.

Also can I just say you are the cutest pregnant triathlete everrrr!!! So impressed you're swimming strong still :) Love it!

Tonya said...

Aw, thanks so much girl :)
Yea, def looking at IMAZ for next season. Looks like a really great race!