Friday, May 18, 2012


Off the heels of another successful RnR Tri camp in Greece, it's taken me bit of time to catch back up. The Greece Camp was amazing as always and lots of hard work which definitely took it's toll on me this year w/ having the bump. The travels alone were exhausting and time differences made it that much harder. I never realized just how much this would take out of me while being pregnant. There's no stopping in Greece as it's full on coaching all week in the harsh sun and heat. I was careful not to overdo it, however by the last day I was feeling like a zombie. I was a swollen puff ball the entire time in Greece and not only that, while there I developed massive carpal tunnel in both wrists (which is common in pregnancy) and I have not been able to feel my hands in oh, about 3 weeks now. Imagine how hard it is to type this not feeling your fingers but at least it gives me good excuse for typos!

 With Greece being a 7 hour time difference it was tough once we arrived back in London, my body was so confused. There really wasn't an easy way to sleep being all mixed up and try and the sleep was even worse upon our return home to the states. My body was on Greece time/ UK time and time I'm not even sure of in between when we got back home. It took me over a week to get back to normal. With all of the swelling issues, I have had to keep blood pressure in check to make sure this wasn't and doesn't turn into preeclampsia which is apparently common in older mothers. Again...when did 38 become old????

I am still able to carry on with exercise as normal and have been told to take it easy more now which I do without hesitation. 2 hour recommended naps every day are a relief since I don't sleep much in the night. Just around 6 months along now I am feeling good most days but tired. I have achy back and hips but nothing major. I have to give credit to Rich for being so super supportive. He really takes care of me and I'm very grateful to have such a good hubby. You know the saying "never wake a sleeping baby?" Well in our house and in the house of most pro athletes it goes like this "never wake a sleeping triathlete!" supportive husband not only gives me foot and back rubs every night before bed. When the aches come on at 3am, he's up without hesitation rubbing my back so I can go back to sleep.Now what could be better than that?!? Love that man of mine!

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