Tuesday, April 24, 2012


  It's been a busy couple of weeks and it just keeps getting busier! We are revamping the website over at RichardAllenFitness and I have branched out to have a partner site (still a work in progress)...check it out tonya-allen.com.

Our first triathlon camp of the season, which was a full on day camp was held last week and was a great success. The camp sold out quickly, and we are looking to have more of these day camps throughout the season. Big thanks to Hickory Tri Club for their participation. View more camp photos under gallery on the website.

Rich doing his thing...
Me doing mine...

 On the race front---Rich decided not to race New Orleans because of our busy travel schedule coming up and boy are we glad he decided not to! The swim was cancelled for Ironman New Orleans 70.3 and well, triathletes like to compete in triathlon not duathlon. So glad we did not make that journey for a duathlon. Most of the athletes were upset! Ironman is a tough sport and in my opinion people need to 'man up' when it comes to weather sometimes. Anyway, makes it especially tough for the pro's and if you want to see how TJ Tollakson felt about it...read his blog! Makes sense and I certainly understand the way he feels. We felt the same pain last year at Steelhead when they cancelled the swim.

On the travel front---WHOA! It's just starting. We jet off to England for a few days to see the family next week and from there we will go to Greece where we'll be coaching athletes for 8 days at our popular RnR Triathlon Camp in Sivota Greece. Weather in Greece looks to be fab as always...England weather, not so much! Our Greece camp sold out this year and we are looking forward to a great time as always with lots of athletes. Remember to check out our other camps in great destinations such as Florida, Abu Dhabi, Lanzarote Spain, and the ever popular Sivota Greece. Our camps are great for beginners and experienced Ironman athletes alike and so much fun!!! After we get back from Greece, we will rest up and then head off to Connecticut for Rev3 Quassy which is one of Rich's faves. It will be a huge race as always with lots of great athletes, so he's really looking forward to it and I can't wait to finally see some of my Rev3 Fam :)

Two of my besties holding the bump :)
On the baby front--- WOW! Things are really flying by. I'm still feeling great and still swimming/biking/walking. Swimming still around 10,000 weekly and walking 25-30 miles. Still getting on the trainer 2x weekly as well. Weight gain in second trimester so far...2lbs. Rich and I had to go last week for our big ultrasound. Since I'm old (since when was 38 old?!?) we obviously had to go in for a more detailed view of the baby to make sure all was ok. I decided not to go with AFP, Amnio or any other test because we just didn't want to, BUT we still had to do the scan which I was fine with. So we had to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist and a genetic counselor and this was a little scary at first. They tell you all the things that the scan could possibly show and give you a choice after for further testing and again something we were not in favor of. The scan took 45 minutes and was amazing. We got to see the baby in such detail. First off we learned we were having a girl and let me tell you, as soon as the appointment was over...the shopping began!
Finally able to buy the first things for baby
Our girl
Very exciting news and my instinct was confirmed because all along, I thought it was a girl. From there we got to see everything. We saw our baby girls brain, her heart, her kidneys, her spine, her face, her ears, her hands and feet, her stomach, her bum, her legs and on and on. We ever saw her 5 little fingers, and toes. Of course she moved around the entire time and it was so funny to see her bouncing around all over. After the scan, the fetal growth specialist is given all of the scan to review and we waited. The doctor came in with a huge grin and said that was so pleased with our girl. He said she's perfectly healthy, growing on schedule (she's actually measuring 4 days bigger) and everything looked perfect. This was such great news to hear, especially after having the tough beginning and losing one of the babies. Our girl is growing and healthy and we can't wait for her to get here. We are halfway there now! We are almost certain that we've decided on her name but will wait until we know 100% before telling ;)

Lastly, yep, I'm already making race plans for after baby and for 2013! I'm excited to get back into the sport I so dearly love! My goal is to hopefully do my first Ultra in either December or early Jan and then get back to my Ironman training in late Jan/Feb. I will definitely be doing 2 Ironman races next year...IMKY and IMFL and hopefully a few other great races in between. Setting these goals for myself is important. Triathlon is such a huge part of my life and can't wait to get back to it with the new baby along for the ride :)

Caleb's in training already too ;)


Jeff Vanis said...

Congrats! Glad to hear all is well, and you are able to keep going through the pregnancy! Keep it up!

Pamela McGowan said...

So exciting that you're having a girl! Congrats! Glad everything is going well! Baby will be here before you know it lady!

Tonya said...

Thanks guys! We are very excited :)

rhino said...

Love the pics of everyone holding your baby bump! Congrat's to you and your family!!