Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have been busy but am finally updating! I actually closed down the other pregnancy blog and will be blogging about the pregnancy here as well. Unfortunately I can't keep up with 4 blogs at the moment, so have combined my two here.

We are now at 17 weeks and all is good. Since hitting the second trimester, I did get some of my energy back and have been going strong. Good thing too with all of the travels we have ahead of us! I see my doc every two weeks and still have the blessing to carry on with all of the exercising.

I have not gained a single pound for the last 5 weeks but the bump is growing. My doctor says this is completely fine and normal especially since putting on a few extra pounds in the beginning when there were two babies in there.  Thankfully now instead of craving Chinese food and pizza, I am craving more healthy foods. I can't seem to get enough fruit! I also crave coconut..anything coconut and pickles! I can't get enough pickles. Pickles and coconut are usually not things I even like but at the moment...I can't get enough of!

How's the exercise going?! GREAT!

Run/Walk- Still jogging a little but mostly now I am power walking. I am walking 25-30 miles weekly and I walk every single day! My total for the last 4 weeks is 110 miles. Yes...110! I pound the pavement more every week now than I did in Ironman training...funny!  I love it too! It makes me feel so good. I will keep up the mileage hopefully until baby comes!
I've almost worn out this pair of Kinvara's in only 6 weeks! Lots of MILEAGE!
 Swimming- Still doing my swim sets and still getting in around 10,000m weekly. I love my swimming and it's important that I keep up my swim endurance, plus swimming is so good for you while pregnant. Swims are slow and steady so arm turnover is nice and easy. I concentrate more on my stroke now and obviously could care less about my speed. No point at the moment. Rich assures me I will have no trouble once back in training getting my speed back. I plan to swim up until this baby decides to join us!

17 weeks- Taking the bump to the pool
 Bike- Well, it's not really safe anymore to be out on the bike for more than one reason so I take to the trainer when I want to get on my bike. I usually get in 2 trainer sessions weekly and keep it very easy. Rich pulled the trainer outdoors for me so I at least get a little bit of the cycling feeling. I love it!

On the trainer
Still being able to swim/bike and run and almost halfway through the pregnancy. It's been amazing and has really flown by so far! We find out the sex of the baby in two weeks and can't wait. Of course we are so very happy whatever the sex but....I think it's a girl...Caleb wants a little brother....Rich thinks a mom and sister-in-law think it's a girl. I could go on and on. Who knows??? We shall know in two weeks and can't wait!

Lots of travels ahead...Ironman New Orleans up next on April 22! Keep you posted :)

Loving the little Ironman merchandise!

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