Thursday, March 15, 2012


Just a quick blog with sponsor updates & our team kit!  Two new sponsors have been added for Team Rev3 and I couldn't be happier with these new additions.

First off the Rev3 team are now also on Powerbar Team Elite and with that comes an awesome two year...yes TWO year deal with Powerbar! This will be so awesome to keep me fueled as I start some end of year races and then of course into next year's season as well. Love it!

 Also, we have Pearl Izumi! This is so cool. We get some pretty cool gear & shoes from Pearl Izumi but what I love most is our new team kit which I do plan to get back into by October after baby!! I will...I swear it! Fit goal #1 ;) Will post pics of our kick a$$ kit as soon as I get the ok from the big guns.

So excited for these new sponsors to be on board and a big thanks to the crew at Rev3 for all of their hard work. They are the best :)

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