Thursday, March 15, 2012


So what have I been up to? I can tell you one thing...I've not been sitting around eating bon bons! I really despise that some people think that being pregnant is a condition and because of this, some people judge women very harshly if they decide to stay active throughout a pregnancy. This has not been the case for me (so far), and I really hate it for the person who ever says something to me about it. Seriously!!  Anyway, I recently read a bloggers article on the fabulous Dara Torres and her swim regimen throughout her pregnancy. Dara Torres was 40, pregnant and swam daily as well as doing other cardio and strength training regimens. The blogger had written on how impressed and inspired by Dara she was but the comments that she got on her blog were unbelievable. One woman wrote that she couldn't believe that Dara would put her baby at risk by exercising and she was unfit to be a mother...blah, blah, blah. She wasn't the only one blasting. I usually find that the ones blasting are the ones who are jealous for the insecurities they have about themselves in their own lives. Really drives me mad! With that being said...I will move forward to write about my activities for the last few days.

I will preface this by stating...I am under close supervision by my doctor and have his blessing to carry on with everything you see below!

Swimming---I really love swimming and it feels sooo extra good when pregnant. I am still going strong and still doing Ironman swim sets.  Easy sets mind you but still the longer distance. So far this week I've managed to swim 9,000m. All of my swims easy and all of them fun, plus knowing that I'm continuing to be healthy and keeping my body strong for the delivery of my baby keeps me smiling the whole time. I still seem to pass people from time to time and that gives me a good giggle.

On the Pavement--Well, I've managed to actually run a little this week. Yay! Runs are very slow and very short. Usually run a little, walk a little. Also, I've been doing lots of power walking, yes power walking. When I say power walking... I mean it. I have managed to walk sometimes at an 11:30 per mile pace and that's faster than some people actually run. My ticker thumps but I never let my heart rate get above 140 and do back off on the hills. So far this weeks total for running/walking=17 miles and the weeks not over yet.

On yesterday's run!
On the bike-- I've only managed two trainer sessions this week and both no more than 45 mins. Nice and easy. I do keep the fan on me to stay cool and go very easy. This is mainly just to keep my legs in cycle shape for when I get back into training. I plan to reduce some of the walking/running distance next week and pick up more time on the trainer.

So that's what I've been up to. I do take a nap every single day and it really helps. I also have to eat more as exercising but I'm not complaining about that. I've gained just over 10lbs so far but the doctor says that's completely normal, especially having been under weight before getting pregnant. Apparently if you are thin when you get pregnant...your body naturally puts on more weight. It's just the way it goes. By remaining active and healthy, it goes away quick after the baby comes--and that's just one more reason to carry on with exercise while pregnant!!


Kelly said...

Awesome! I am a firm believer in exercising while pregnant. I had a lovely swim the day before my 2nd son was born! Keep it up! :)

Maggie said...

Loving your Ironmom updates, Tonya! Keep on proving the non-exercising mommies wrong!