Saturday, February 4, 2012


Exercise is good for a pregnant woman!

 I must get better at the preggers blog, but lately I've been just a bit tired and in my free time, I nap!  Over the last few weeks things are still all systems go but they definitely have been leaving me wiped out to say the least. 

On the pregnancy 'training' front...not sure if I can call it tri training, but let's just say pregnancy fit training as everything I do from now until the D day will be all about staying super fit and healthy for my bump...anyway, things have been going well. A bit more slow but all good. I've still been hitting the trails for running but definitely have to pull back and keep that heart rate exactly where it needs to be!! Up until 9 weeks I was running around 18 miles per week.

Swimming is fabulous. It feels good and it's such a great pregnancy workout. I'm swimming just under 10,000 a week and could go longer but get massively hungry towards the end of each set. I think in my second trimester, I will pick up some more swim distance. Flip turns are till a-ok as the bump is only a small bump. Again, I do wear a heart rate monitor now on the swim which is something I have never done before, but with a higher resting heart rate while pregnant...I do like to know where I am at even in swimming. I keep it easy and it feels great.

Biking...still on the bike and loving it. I've gone out of the mountain bike a few times on the road. I'm not about to hit the trails on the bike. I don't think that would be safe at all with the possibility of crashing, but riding in on road gives me stability and I like being upright now. No need for aero at the moment. I get on the trainer 3x weekly for hourly trainer sessions and keep a fan on high as to keep cool. Regulating your body core temperature is crucial in pregnancy so I definitely keep that in check. Again heart rate monitor on and I know exactly where I need to be in my workouts.

**Making sure to  hydrate well is as important as keeping your heart rate in check. I drink a LOT of water especially when doing workouts!!**

Still swimming, biking and running and feeling good. Tired and need to pee every 10 minutes but good. Still planning on those Ironman races next year. I have my eyes on two goals now. One on delivering healthy bambino and then get back into shape to do the sport I love :

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