Thursday, February 16, 2012


On February 14, Valentines Day, we went in to see my doctor for a pregnancy check up at 9 weeks. I told the doctor how I was feeling with the extreme fatigue etc and asked if I could be pregnant with twins. He said probably not, but boy was he surprised when he did the ultrasound!

This whole pregnancy thus far, I knew something was different. The extreme fatigue is much worse that with a singleton pregnancy. Since I found out that I was pregnant I've had too 'pee' every 10 minutes and in the night it's every hour I'm up going. Also, some pretty massive heartburn. I googled "Symptoms of Twin Pregnancy" before finding out and what a bunch of bologna. Every thing I read said that if you are pregnant with twins that you have severe morning sickness among other dramatic things. Just goes to show you can't believe everything that you read on the computer! Anyway, I wasn't having morning sickness and have had none to be exact. Just feelings of nausea and loss of appetite for certain foods and I will say it's been an all day achy feeling but nothing traumatic. I knew..I just knew and told Rich and even my mom that I thought I was carrying twins. How is it that pregnant women just know these things?? My father-in-law is a grandmother's siblings were twins, plus being over 35 increases the chances as well as just having come off of birth control. All of these things likely increased the chances and my inutuition was confirmed on February 14! As soon as the doc turned on the scan machine.....we saw them! Both babies :)

I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are. My family, Richard's family..everyone is over the moon with the news, especially us. I have to admit for a couple of days, I was a little in shock though as things started to enter my mind such as having to buy two of everything! YIKES! Also, what was scary to me was thinking about delivery. Would I have to have a c-section? How big am I going to get? How is this going to change my exercise? How is this going to change all of our travel as it's mid race season and with trips to England, Greece and Germany what will this mean? The list of questions go on and on, so I talked with the doc and he assured me all would be fine.

I can travel through August assuming all goes well until then. I can still exercise, although running may be questionable now since it's twins. The chances of pre-term labor increase with twin pregnancies, so it is advisable to be more careful in exercise selection. I will be honest at almost 11 weeks into the pregnancy now and with two babies on board...running is a bit uncomfortable. I may call it quits on the running and just keep up some mileage walking. Super triathlete mom Gina Crawford quit running at 16 weeks preggers and 6 months after delivieing her son, she won an Ironman. You do bounce back quick and with the level of fitness that I was at before becoming pregnant, I am not worried. Giving up running for a few months may be a good thing. I will continue to swim and bike and over the last few weeks have even started doing a kettlebell workout, weight routine and step aerobics. I feel so good when I exercise and I actually think about these babies growing inside of my belly and know that what I am doing will be very beneficial to them. I do believe that staying fit in pregnancy is important both for you and the baby/babies. I plan to keep on trucking with babies in tow and the next 5+ months will go by fast and before you know it, we will have two little triathlete babies and we just can't wait :)

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