Saturday, January 14, 2012


 So here's where I am at the moment...a couple of mornings I felt a little queasy, but luckily it went away. At night I have had some headaches but now even those are easing off. The weather has been pretty amazing and so I've taken full advantage of it with running. The hardest part so far in this preganancy is not being able to tell anyone yet. We do want to wait until I've made it through the first trimester just to be safe. I really don't feel any different than before I was pregnant. My energy levels are lower and I do tire more easily but other than that...I feel GREAT! I have even lost a few pounds over these last few weeks.

I am around 5 weeks now and there are still no signs of a bump. Being a skinny minny, I am sure that this will all change very soon and I am actually pretty excited about it. The boobs however are a different story. Being a skinny triathlete, well, let's just say...boobs were pretty much non existenet. Oh how that's changed! Looks like I've had a instant boob job. At least when I swim now, I have extra flotation devices attached ;)

Running is going well. I'm still going at it and loving it. I feel so good when I am out there running, knowing that I have a growing life inside of me and also that I am able to still do what I love. I know that by being active, this will make such a difference in the pregnancy.  I do constantly check my heart rate and make sure I keep it between 140-155bpm.  On the hills, if my heart rate elevates more than that...I simply walk to the top and then start running again. Gone are the fast it's all just slow and steady and to be honest it feels like I run all day. It is important to hydrate while exercising so I do make sure and drink water every 30 minutes.

I will tell you the hardest part of the running is actually having to slow it down. I was really at my peak in running and was running faster than I've ever run before. Now I'm getting passed up on my runs and it is really tough to hold back. I know what the people passing my by don't and that's I'm toting a little one inside. It's important to hold back and let go of any ego. The health of the growing baby is first and foremost. I am sure once the bump starts to grow and I'm running, I will likely get some strange stares. There is such a misconception about pregnant women and exercise. A lot of people look at a pregnant women running and gasp. I always looked at a pregnant woman running in awe. Let 'em stare...I'm going to keep doing what I love for my health and the health of my bump.

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