Monday, January 30, 2012



Oooops! It's been a few days since I last wrote. Boy, have I been tired! I will quickly recap and then make a vow to blog more often. 

I am now 7 weeks into the pregnancy and there is a small sign of a bump. I have only gained 1 pound and I am almost 2 months along now.  My body fat percentage was only 14% when I got preggers, so maybe being thin is the reason for having this little bump already. Of course, no one knows that I'm pregnant. We are still holding off to announce the pregnancy until the end of the first trimester. It's very hard keeping a secret and I'm sure that my 'competition' in the pool have wondered why I have slowed down. They will know in due time ;)

So....I've still been swimming, biking , running and I've even added strength training into this regimen as well. I do have permission from my doctor to do all of these things which is very important! 

Swimming-- I am swimming 3x weekly which is the same as my Ironman training regimen. My distance and speed are obviously much less than before. Currently, I am swimming around 9000 weekly. Not to bad for a pregnant gal huh? I do have to make sure to stay hydrated during my swim of course. I will drink 16 oz of water during each swim set. I also have to make sure and pack snacks because as soon as I finish....I am ravished. Swimming feels great. Sometimes if I'm swimming a longer set with fewer rests, my low back begins to ache a bit. Quick cure for that is the pull buoy! Works like a charm. Tumble turns still good. I am sure at some point these may become a bit more difficult and I can't image swimming without doing them. Once my bump starts to grow...I will likely have to eliminate the tumble turns. I do plan to carry on with swimming throughout the entire pregnancy and would like to keep my swim distance around the same.

Biking---Oh, how I have missed the cycling. In the beginning of the pregnancy, I decided to stick to the trainer for bike rides and I started to get a bit bored. Now, I have taken back to the roads. I don't go out on the main roads anymore though. We are very fortunate to have a huge State Park in our backdoor, so now I train there. There is virtually no traffic and I can ride to my hearts content. I am only riding the mountain bike now and NO not on the trails. Only on the road. I will keep the Kestrel on the trainer for some trainer sessions. Anyway, the mountain bike gives me better support and it feels better sitting upright rather than down in aero. I cannot begin to tell you how much I am loving being back on the bike. Again, when the bump gets big and the balance goes...I will head back to the trainer, but for now I will stay out on the road for as long as I can!

Running--- Still running. I am running around 20 miles a week. Some days running feels better than others. It's nice to still be able to do all these things that I love though. I keep my heart rate around 145bpm and as you can imagine... I sometimes have to walk hills. My resting heart rate has gone up since becoming pregnant due to the increased blood volume so it doesn't take much to get the thumper ticking hard. Controlling my running so much is actually very good training. Rich says this will pay off too. In Ironman training, I always find it hard to control my runs and tend to go harder than I should. Now, I HAVE to control my running. At 145bpm I am currently at around a 9-9:30 minute mile. Hey...I am not in training though. I am running to stay healthy and fit during my pregnancy, so it's all good. The speed will come back after baby!

Also, I have been incorporating some kettle bell workouts in as well. I love doing kettle bell! I have two different kettle bell workouts that I do and both last around 40 minutes. I will blog more on those later. I am also doing some pilates and a body condition workout. Again, will blog more on those later.

I love being able to still do all of the things that I love and be pregnant. I do have to replenish calories often, stay very hydrated and take lots of naps and get a good nights sleep. All of these things are key to staying fit in pregnancy.
I do hope to bounce back quickly and the plans are as of now...Ironman Franfurt 2013 and Ironman Louisville 2013. AND, with any will be just like daddy and come out swimming, biking and running like a pro ;) Well, someday maybe he or she will anyway!

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