Sunday, January 8, 2012


For the last couple of weeks, my training felt just plain weird. I always go long in training and lately, it had been wearing me out. I was massively tired, heart rate not quite right and speed...there wasn't much if any at all!!  I felt like lead on my runs and I felt like a slug on my bike rides. The swims were still ok. I was completely drained after each workout. What was going on?!?

Rich had to go to Abu Dhabi for a triathlon camp press conference and while he was away, I decided that I would tackle the trails. I went for a 7 miler with Zoe and heart rate was up there more than the norm. After finishing up my 7 miles, it felt more like I had done 20. I went home and as soon as my butt hit the couch...I was out. Napped for 2 hours straight. That evening, I decided to buy a pregnancy test. It was a First Response Early Test which allows you to test 6 days early. On Sunday morning...up and to the bathroom and within 30 seconds, I knew exactly why I had been so tired!

Seems we brought in the New Year with a bang...literally. We are over the moon with the news. Caleb is excited to be a big brother and I can't seem to stop smiling. Of course this changes up the 2012 plans just a tad. Instead of doing another Ironman this year....looks like I'll be having an Ironbaby instead. Baby is supposed to come the same month I was to do Rev3 Cedar Point 140.6. I've already been wracking my brain with what races I will sign up for post baby. If all goes well with healthy pregnancy and baby, this Ironmom will be back to racing in 2013. I will definitely be doing Ironman Louisville & Ironman Franfurt in 2013.  I am so excited already thinking about new baby being there at the finish line. Oh, how this will change things.

I have met with my doctor and have her approval to continue training. Obviously my distance and intensities have decreased but I will be continuing my training throughout my pregnancy and will be blogging about it all the way. I plan to do Ironman Louisville in 2013 and possibly Ironman Franfurt as well. I will carry on doing what I love...swimming, biking and running throughout this pregnancy.There are so many misconceptions about prenatal exercise and I want others to know that we can *with your doctors blessing** continue doing what we love even when pregnant.


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