Friday, October 14, 2011


My First Rev3 Race in Knoxville 2010
We've just gotten back from SC where Rich had a great race at the inaugural Rev3 Half in Anderson. Rich finished 2nd place at the event on Sunday only 1:40 behind the winner Andrew Starykovich. It was a great race with one of the seasons biggest pro turnouts!! Rich was very excited having come off the bike in 2nd and holding on to finish 2nd for this big race. You can read his race report here : Rich Allen Blog

Rich 2nd Place :)
I just wanted to take a moment to write about Rev3. Rev3 is such a great race organization!! Rich and I love everything about these races. With racing myself, and also being married to a pro, we have certainly been to our share of races and I can tell you that the atmosphere is very different at Rev3 events. At Rev3, the organizers really care about their athletes. Not just the pros...they care about every single athlete. The venues are always fun and very well set up. They have bouncy castles, balloons and face painting to keep the kids entertained. They have really great expos with lots of really cool gear! Rev3 make things exciting for everyone and all of the races are very family oriented. Just this past weekend,  I saw athletes running the finish shoot with their children and the looks on all of their faces was absolutely priceless. What other race can you do that?

From the minute you register to do a Rev3 race until the time you drive away from finishing the race, you are taken care of. There isn't a thing that these guys won't try and do for you if you need it and this makes all the difference for an athlete.
Another big perk on the pro side of things, is the prize payout. Rich has had a good year and earned a paycheck at almost every single race. There is a big difference between what Ironman does for their pro athletes and what Rev3 does. Ironman will send prize money in oh.....about 9 weeks! Yes, that's right. It takes Ironman 9 weeks to pay their pro athletes what they've won. Furthermore, no one at Ironman really is sensitive to the matter. They act like they could care less. It's pretty dang hard for a pro to be a pro when they don't get paid! This is just another reason why Rich loves Rev3 races. They appreciate the pro athletes and they pay them on the spot! Yes, that's right....a hard days work deserves the instant reward and that's just what Rev3 does, they pay their pros on race day! FOR A PRO....THIS IS GREAT!

This is not the only reason that we love Rev3. Like I said, the venues are spectacular, the people are friendly and amazing. They really make the race experience so much more fun. I love the videos, photos, race day updates via Facebook and Twitter. These guys really know how to make sure people know what's going on race day. I can't wait to race Rev3 next season. I know that Rich is planning on doing most of the Rev3 races and I will try and do most of them as well. They are that much fun people! Try them and I promise you won't be disappointed :) 

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