Thursday, October 27, 2011


I'm sure I've written this a hundred times before, but I'll write it once more....I've been addicted to the trails so far in the 'off season'. After the trail marathon, I took up mountain biking and am actually kind of loving it. It's all a bit different than how I train from Feb-Sept and the mix up really makes things more fun. I am a firm believer in "if you don't use it, you lose it"...meaning you've worked hard for months to reach a certain level of fitness, don't get lazy in the off season and lose what you've worked hard for.  Doctors state that once you stop exercise, decreases in your cardiovascular fitness can be seen in one to two weeks. There also are decreases in mitochondrial density and VO2max, aka maximum oxygen level consumption. I work hard during the season to reach a certain level of fitness, so love to play in the off season doing fun things that still keep my fitness up. Plus...I just don't feel normal unless I'm swimming/biking or running. I simply love it!

With all of that being said, taking to the trails has not been the easiest as I wrote in prior blogs. The challenges of trail running and riding have started taking a toll on my body. First of all, the marathon was 12 days ago and I am a bit flat from it. Not sore, but tired. I think that long trail run really zapped my energy. To save the after marathon legs from further torture, I mostly biked and swam last week, I did manage two decent runs last week. Also, I love riding the trails right now, and 6 days ago while riding, I made my move to pass another biker with only a mile to go and was really pushing hard. Down a hill and into a tight switchback, my bike tires skidded on wet leaves (it had rained the day before) and down I went at 18mph. I was clipped in, the bike was on top of me and had me wedged up against a tree (which luckily I did not hit). The other biker came rolling up and stopped to help. He had to unclip my feet for me and then pick the bike up off of me. I knew right away that my leg wasn't going to be pretty! I told the other biker that I was ok and he went on ahead. Standing there I knew going that last mile was going to be rough. I got back on the bike and as soon as I bent my knee tears came. OUCH! I had to pedal back to the car park with mainly my left leg.

So...what happened? Turns out it is likely a bone bruise and let me tell you, it isn't fun! One side of my right leg took the impact from the ground, but being clipped in and not being able to move my leg...the bike frame slapped me on the inner part of me knee cap and that's where the bone bruise is as you can see. Definition of a bone bruise--A bone bruise is an extremely painful injury which occurs because of an injury on the underlying bone part. When there is trauma to the bone, fibers break apart. As the bones are interconnected by several fibers, breakage of a few fibers does not lead to fracture, but it triggers intense pain in the afflicted part. Intense pain, yes I would agree with that! Running, biking and even swimming at the moment are affected by this little bugger. Even driving the car! After sitting for a while, once I feels like a knife is being driven into the bone. Ugh! Anyway...R's dad Dr. Allen will be here from England on Monday to help me out with this and to make sure it's nothing more than a bruise.

So..what next? Well, I was thinking of running either OBX Marathon or Thunder Road in 3 weeks, but given the condition of my knee at the moment, those plans may have to be put in hold. I'm not training for marathons, but more or less going out to do these for fun, if you can consider a marathon fun. We will see. I have a 20k trail race coming up soon as well. Focus now is getting the knee more mobile so that I can get back in gear.

Off to FL this weekend where Rich is racing Ironman Miami 70.3. Last one of the season...finally! Goooooooo RICH!!!!!

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