Monday, September 12, 2011


Sad to say that these lovely toes are not mine!

Ah, the above photo....nice toes. I have forgotten what nice feet look and feel like. I used to be a once a week pedicure kind of gal, but that was before I became an Ironman athlete. Now my feet feel and look more like sandpaper than actual feet and with the loss of yet another nail today, I thought I would write about my toe troubles.

I could have put up the photo of my toes, but I thought I would spare you the horror. Trust me, it isn't pretty! After Ironman a couple of weeks ago, I had a series of problems and can only laugh about them now. When I got home from Kentucky I had the usual 'after marathon' feet.  Blisters, swelling etc. On day 2&3 after Ironman the toes on my left foot continued to cause me pain which I thought was odd. I decided on day 2 to pop the blisters as I have always big deal right?! Well, this time...WRONG!  I had gone swimming to try and loosen up my sore race legs after popping those blisters and this was probably not the best thing to do with all of the germs that love to hang around the pool deck. I swam again on day 3 and after I got home, the toe on my left foot became more and more red and swollen. On Thursday, day 4, I tried to just deal with it. Assumed it was ok and did the Epsom salt soaks, Neosporin ointment etc. I went to bed on Thursday and work up at 2am in tears. I knew something was really wrong. The swelling and redness had worsened. I, being the stubborn person that I am, still refused to go the the MD. I called my father-in-law who is a doctor back in England and he said he def felt I should see someone, so off to urgent care I went. After a nice long visit to the MD on a Friday evening, I walked away with a couple shockers. One was a small fracture in the toe joint. Unfortunately my second toe is longer than my big toe and it took most of the impact from the 26.2. Secondly, I had developed an infection in the same toe. After popping it open and then going to the pool, I allowed bacteria in. I didn't know until 3 days later after the lab tests were in that it was actually Staph! BAD! So...I was placed on heavy antibiotics and to give you an idea of how bad the pain was....the doctor also prescribed Hydrocodone (POWERFUL STUFF)! Per the doc, I could not swim for another week, let alone run! in a few nice bike rides and patiently waited for all these 'foot' inconveniences to just go away.

After a few days on the antibiotic, the toe started feeling better. I am happy to report that now...2 weeks after Ironman, I am able to run again. It's not entirely pain free but it's getting there. The skin is completely gone around my toenail from the staph infection and I am sure to lose the nail soon. Oh I said, gone are the days of pretty feet.

I am back in the water now...had my first long swim today since IM and have ran 2x. I will run again today and am in hopes that it will get better each time. I have two half ironman races coming up and the possibility still of another Ironman this year. Busy busy as the season is still not over for the Allen's. Rich has issues of his own with a calf strain and had to pull out of racing Worlds in Vegas this past weekend. We are booked for Syracuse this weekend and he is supposed to be racing back to back in NY and Augusta, but with the injury we will have to see. I do hope he gets better soon. We are currently the hobbling Allens, but am positive that all will be well and we will have some more good race results to report before the end of 2011.


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