Friday, August 19, 2011


Rich's 2011 Ride
As most of you know Rich is sponsored by Kestrel and he is rocking the Kestrel 4000 Pro SL this year. He has been trying to convert me over since last year. I have been on a Cervelo P2C for the last few years and loved it. However, on a whim and a glorious offer from Rich's sponsor, I decided to switch over to Kestrel one month before Ironman, I have spent many many hours on that Cervelo and raced many races on it as well. Parting ways was a little bittersweet however I am very happy with my decision to change over.
Coach T's New Ride
 My new bike is the 2011 Kestrel Airfoil Pro SL and let me tell you...this bike is AWESOME! My first ride on this baby was a 5 hour ride in 100 degree heat. Normally I would be grrrr on a ride like this. Not on this bike. As soon as I was in the saddle and on the first hill, I saw the difference. This bike is much lighter and a much smoother feel than my old bike. I loved every second of that long ride. I've been able to get in a few more rides on the Kestrel, but the taper draws near so no more long rides until Ironman. I can't wait to race on this bike in a few weeks. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bike!!

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