Monday, June 13, 2011

Guess who's back?!

Be warned...I've been asked to start up my old blog again by some of my past followers, so here I go and this time there are no holds barred ;) I will keep up the silliness here and will continue to keep up the seriousness on the richardallenfitness blog.

Life is crazy hectic now, even more so than before, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Rich is back to his best and racing well with a season opener last weekend of seventh at Rev3 Quassy and a good prize money check. He's feeling ON for UK Ironman 70.3, so fingers crossed for a top result there. He's won this one before, so I am anxious to see how it goes. I'll be cheering him on as always and also helping sponsor Gatorade out for the weekend. As far as my plans, welp my key race for the season will be IMLV. I plan to do a few small races for training, but everything this go round is pure focus on the goals for Ironman. Last year proved to be a disaster, this year things are going to be much different. Coach has put me on the right path. My swim is amazing, can't complain about it. With a hopeful time of just over 60 mins for my IM swim, we shall see. The run...finally there! I dropped my half marathon time a few months ago down to a 1:38 on a hilly course, so was chuffed to bits about that. I am feeling incredibly good about my running and eager to put it all together on race day. Lots of brick workouts have been on the schedule as you can imagine and they have actually become some sort of sicko craving for me ha! The bike...still working hard. I've been doing several TT's along with the loooooooooooooong rides. Now it's just putting the distance +speed together and I've got 9 more weeks of training, so should be fine. All in all, things are going well with training. IM coming up SOON!

We're in the UK at the moment and let me tell ain't flat or dry or even warm for that matter! I've been doing runs up The Chevin and that hurts but in an oh so good way. Last night was a Chevin run before tackling Otley to Bramhope (which is all UPHILL). Good stuff tho...makes you strong. I secretly keep hoping to run into the Alistair Brownlee (most awesome ITU Triathlete) while on the Chevin. An Otley home town boy whose sure to win a medal in the London Olympics! As I suffer while on the Chevin, it's a walk in the park for Rich and even Alistair no doubt. I have thus come to the realization that all BRITS are damn tough and I have the utmost respect for them all. Why? Go back to sentence one of this paragraph. GIANORMOUS HILLS everyhwere, IT'S BLOODY COLD,  AND USUALLY WET TO BOOT! Put these together and you'll know why loads of Triathletes/Ironmen athletes who shine are British.We Americans are spoiled and are usually complaining, oh, it's too hot, or too cold, too hilly, to flat, or oh, it's raining and so forth and so on. Yes, myself included! Maybe we Yanks should all just suck it up, grow some nuggets and just go out and get the job done. Plus minus the ten minutes of whining and may save us quite a lot of energy for something else.

With that being's good to be back on the Journey blog. Hope some of my old followers will come back and visit. For now,'s raining, and oh it's cold outside, but that doesn't and my nuggets are going out for a run ;)


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