Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Well, Blenheim is over and it was a rough one for me. Flying in 2 days before a race, losing more than 5 hours, major jet lag, on a bike I have never ridden....ugh! The weather in Britain turned unusually hot for the weekend, which I am far more accustomed too than cold summer weather, so race conditions suited. Unfortunately, I had no energy on race day. Coming to England always hurts for the first couple of days. Jet lag has a major effect on me. I try to stay up and get right on England time, sometime not sleeping at all for more than 36 hours. It's hard, but after a couple of days you adjust. Not a good mix trying to race in the middle of that! Anyway, as always was a pleasure to race here. Races in Europe seem different than races in America. People here are different in ways that I sometimes find more pleasurable. For example on the start's a very relaxed atmosphere, unlike any race I have done in the states. Everyone smiling, talking, giggling....seems no one has nerves or are sizing each other up. At Blenheim, I don't think I have ever been so relaxed at the start of the swim. It was wonderful. Same thing happened in London last year. It's a different feel and I have to say Brits are really strong and confident. They are used to somewhat harsher elements with rain, cold, wind (most of the time). They know how to get the job done with no pissing and moaning. I always complain about the cold and water temps etc. Seems I need some of the Brit strength to rub off on me. Now on the flip side, give me 100 degree weather and I am fine. It's what I am used to. Guess I am just a pansy when it comes to cold water and cold in general! Especially on race morning! Anyway, my race was ok. I have never been happier to cross the finish, as the whole race I had to talk myself into it it, as my body was trying to talk myself out of it. Rich on the other hand had a good race. Top 10 finish and he was pleased with that. He doesn't train for short distance and the draft races aren't his cup of tea anymore, but again he was pleased. We had a lot of fun catching up with friends and hanging out in Oxford. It was a good weekend, and on Sunday night, I finally got caught up on sleep and thus ended the horrible jet lag.

No rest for the weary tho...back to training on Monday. When training for Ironman, taper weeks are still training weeks. Just backed down. We have been training this week and I am beginning to come around and am having more energy now. Windsor is up on the weekend and with a 6:20 AM start for me, you can bet I will be getting more sleep this week. It's the earliest start I have ever had in a race, so should be interesting. I am sure that the Thames will be cold as usual. The current could be quite strong with all the rain. We'll see. Either way I am looking to have an exciting race as this is my first at Windsor. As Rich reminds me before every race...."Have Fun" and that's exactly what I plan to do. Rich is excited as he comes to this race having won it before, he knows the course well, feels really strong, so we shall see. I am sure that he will have a great race on Sunday!

After the race, we are going to shower up and head off to see Bon Jovi in London. Having been in that silly movie with Jovi a few years ago, I became friends with the band manager. We have continued to be friends ever since, so I let him know we were in London for the weekend and whaddya know....he gave us VIP passes for the show on Sunday night. Cool! Can't wait for that and looking forward to catching up with some of the crew there as I haven't seen them in a few years. Should be really fun!

Also....we have a new niece. Richard's sister and brother-in-law had their first baby, Isabelle, a few days ago and we head to see her next week. So excited for them :)

And....very very excited to be doing the July Cover for Endurance Magazine. I am shooting in England for an exciting cover for the next issue of the magazine. Stay tuned for that. All in all...busy times across the pond. Catch up again soon.


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