Thursday, June 24, 2010


Back from England now, Rich returns today and it's back into it! Rhode Island coming up in a couple of weeks. I have been having some troubles with training unfortunately. R's father is a doctor and after long discussions about my symptoms, all signs point to anemia. I have an MD appointment scheduled in 3 weeks for testing on this. Unfortunately, this is common among female endurance athletes. Keep you posted on this. I will continue to train heavily, it's just my energy has been low and the power output is low as well. I am glad to be getting this checked and hopefully under control as IM is not far away.

On the good side of things....Rich had a great race at Ironman UK 70.3. This is deemed the hardest half in the world and I have to say after seeing this course and even running some of it myself, I wouldn't dispute that fact. On the ride alone there are 52 massive hills in the whole 56 miles of the bike course. Run is unrelenting as well. Also, a world class field!! As previously posted in another blog...Brits are damn tough!

The day started out cold! 42 to be exact. OUCH! It did quickly warm up though. This was my spectator race and I love to cheer Rich on. The swim started out well and Rich exited the water in 22 mins. Off on the bike, not to see him again for a while. Lots of chatting with friends, and a crepe and bacon bap later, the pros started rolling in . Thanks to Don from Ironman for giving me curtious special treatment and letting me in all the good places for photos. I snagged a great photo of R coming off the bike 2 back from Phil Graves. R looked strong and ready to tackle the run. I made my way to the run course, and caught R on the second loop. Making my way to the finish, I knew it was going to be a good one. Frasier came in first, then Graves...I missed 3rd and here came Faris-Al Sutan and Rich right behind. Rich finished in 5th and only seconds behind Faris. He collapsed at the finish line as the run to the finish was all up hill and he was trying to catch Faris, and Stephen Bayliss was right on R's heels as well. It was a great race and Rich was defintely tired from this one. After 3 weeks of racing, we are both tired.

Pro Men Results-
1. Fraser Cartmell (SCO) 4:17:03
2. Philip Graves (GBR) 4:20:27
3. Jonas Djurback (SWE) 4:24:32
4. Faris Al-Sultan (GER) 4:26:23
5. Rich Allen (GBR) 4:26:46
6. Stephen Bayliss (GBR) 4:27:07
7. Joel Jameson (GBR) 4:29:09
8. Paul Ambrose (GBR) 4:32:35
9. Aleksandar Sorenson-Markovic (DEN) 4:35:27
10. Tristan Shipsides (GBR) 4:39:17
11. Jasper Blake (CAN) 4:40:11

It's nice to be able to train and race in England. I have made so many friends there and love them all loads. Thanks to Don Ryder the legendary Ironman Announcer for being so sweet and the special treatment! Also, for putting me at the finish for the exceptional photo op! Thanks to Gatorade, Saucony, Craft and Adidas Eyewear as well. You all keep us supplied perfectly. The Ironman UK will be on TV on August 2 I think and there is a pre-race interview with Rich, Phil Graves and Bella Bayliss if you get a chance to check it out. Here are a few photos from the race. Cheers.

Pre-race Interview

Faris Al-Sutan & Rich

Signs of Rich Everwhere hehe! (This is from one his old sponsors, hence the name scratch,sorry)

Gatorade :)

Phil Graves violating Rich's Gatorade advert hehe! Naughty Phillip!

Pain at the finish!

See...a tough day at the worlds hardest 70.3! So proud of you Rich :)


celmore said...

Tell Rich congratulations on a great race!!!

I would love to have him on the show some time.

Tonya said...

Will do, thanks :) Also, I will email you my contact info to speak about the show.