Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Travel, travel, travel, train! The week back from Knoxville was rough. Right off the bat I had a 4.5k swim and only one day rest from the race. Ironman is my key race for the year and I am reminded of that. There is no slacking off, if nothing else it only gets more intense. I can't complain's what I love. On Tuesday we did another semi-long ride. My legs were a bit sore, but not bad. On Wednesday I had my 3 hour run and it was hot and humid out. This one hurt. The first couple of hours were ok, then the last hour....ugh! I made it through and relaxed on Wednesday night. Thursday was more swimming and riding and then we flew out on Friday. Cal was able to go this time which was great! Our flight was only an hour and we were in Orlando. We got to the hotel and relaxed for a bit, then headed out to Disney. We walked and walked and walked some more. We had a great dinner at Planet Hollywood before heading back to the hotel. On Saturday we went to Sea World, which is one of my faves! We got to pet the sting rays, feed dolphins and sharks. The show Believe with the killer whales was spectacular. Caleb loved it!! We had a great time there and finished up early to get with R to the pro briefing. It was hot out!! While the guys were in the briefing, I had a nice chat with TJ Tollakson's fiance Ashley. She is a sweetie! They are getting married in a few months as well. It was nice to chat with Ashley :)

After bike racking, we decided to have an early dinner and call it an early night. Rich wasn't feeling well. Still having some stomach issues from the race a few days ago in Knoxville. On Sunday morning we had to get up at 4am! Ouch! Caleb did well though and was excited to see the race. We got to the race, and helped Rich with his things. This was my spectator race. I was a little bummed about not racing, but actually kind of glad. Since the season started we have been on the go and non stop, so this was a welcome break for me. The Pro Men went off at 6:20 and Rich was quick off the mark. I knew when he come out of the water not in the lead pack, something wasn't going quite right. Cal and I killed some time watching the age groupers coming in to transition and out on the bike.

TJ came off the bike first with a 7 minute lead, Rich came off in 6th not looking good at all. As he started on the run, I could see him wincing. Rich made 2 laps and ran his way into 5th before he ended up in the medical tent from the cramping. His stomach had shut down. Same issue as Knoxville...ugh! I felt so bad from Rich. He wanted to finish so badly, but made a decision to stop before hurting himself more which could affect races in a couple of weeks. He slept most of the afternoon, grasping his somach from time to time. I felt so bad for him. We rested and took it easy on Sunday night, then headed back home on Monday. This was a great race to spectate and a very strong pro men field. I am proud of R and know he will get it next time. We are heading over the pond in a couple of weeks for 3 big races there. Blenheim, Windsor and UK 70.3. I am looking forward to racing in England again, just not the cold! Brrr!

The 9 yr old spectator-hehe!

Back to NC on Monday and back to training. Yesterday I had to pull out a 3800 swim, my IM Time Trail swim yay, and was pleased and amazed to see a 61 minute time going E2 (easy pace)on the 3800. Wall turns slow me down a bit, so I hope to have a fast swim come Ironman. We'll see.

Today it's running and riding. Tomorrow is my 5 hour ride, then 2 hour run brick and I am actually looking forward to it. Rich rested a couple of days and is back training today and feels some better. Looking forward to racing again in a couple of weeks.
A few pics from Orlando...


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