Wednesday, May 19, 2010


After arriving back home from St. Pete, training started again right away. Rich’s parents were with us for the week as well and between all the cooking, training and keeping company….I found myself completely exhausted. Once home, we went back into training mode. I was so tired. It wasn’t a terribly difficult week for my training, but I still dragged. I managed to get in all of my sessions and by Saturday I was exhausted. R’s parent are super active so we did loads of hiking, running, sight-seeing, etc , etc. They flew out on Sunday and we rested for the remainder of the day.

On Monday we were back at it though. I swam and ran on Monday and still felt tired…ugh! Tuesday I did my run and on Wednesday (4 days before a race) I had to do a 5 hour ride. Oh yes, Ironman training stops for no reason. Even in a taper week. I don’t even know what that is anymore. Per coaches orders…we were to complete a 5 hour ride, easy pace. We took a different route and ended up in the foothills which made for some climbs. Also, the temps were in the 90 degree range. It was hot, and my legs were tired. I was thinking this could prove to be disastrous for the weekend race.

We finished our 5 hour ride and my legs were tight! Ok, no worries. I will take it easy tomorrow. Hahaha…nope. I had a 3200 swim to do. Ok, last thing for the week. Ironman is my key race for the season and R reminds me of this constantly. Most people can rest and recover after a race for a few days, unfortunately with Ironman looming, I cannot. I trust in coach and do exactly what he tells me. I know he knows best. So after completing my sessions for the week. Friday was rest day! Finally! I had a photo shoot with a nice family late in the afternoon on Friday and then we headed out for Knoxville on Saturday morning.

It was a short journey, only 3 hour drive for us. We arrived right before the pro briefing and I am certainly glad that the expo was going on. It was coold out. The temps had dropped drastically going from 90 degrees to 68. Brr.. After the pro meeting, we decided to go for a short run. Ow, legs are still sore. After the run, we racked the bikes and went out for dinner. It was cold and windy! I was already shivering at the thought of the cold water the next morning for the race. We met up with Julie Dibens who is a great friend of Rich and is super sweet! I admire Julie loads and she seems to be pretty unstoppable at the moment. We talked for a bit about Ironman, and I really think she will give a few good people a run for their money in Hawaii this year. Mainly another Brit chick who seems unstoppable. Curious to see how that goes and will be rooting for Julie to kick some a$$ in Kona.

After dinner we were able to get in bed early. Thankfully! Up and at ‘em at 5 am and out the door. It was 44 degrees out on race morning and I was freezing. I got everything into transition right before it closed and was off to see Rich’s start. The pro men got in the water and it seemed forever before they set off. I knew the guys were probably cold as they were waiting and waiting. Finally boom! They were off. I always get this huge rush of adrenaline seeing R take off. Pretty soon, they were out of sight. My wave went off 30 minutes later and when I jumped in the water, it didn’t feel that bad. It was actually warmer than the air which was nice. In the water with my wave and men 25-29 wave together. I thought this would be interesting, and it was. The gun went, and we were off. I took off passing several guys right away which was nice. I got into a rhythm right away but still wasn’t pushing. I made the turn buoy in no time and was heading back in. We swam upstream for most of the swim and I could tell, but it wasn’t too bad. I got out of the water in 26 mins, still not my fastest time, but much better than St. A’s. Ran into transition and grabbed the bike and was on my way. OUCH it was cold! I took off and right away it started to hurt. It was really windy out, and this was a super hilly course and I really wasn't expecting it to be so hilly. The ride out of town was probably the worst with the hills. Once out of town we started up this long climb and I was shocked to see some people actually walking their bikes up the hill instead of riding. What?!? It seemed like I was crawling, but finally made it to the top of the monster. It was steady rolling after that and I was loving it, even with the wind. I was able to down my 2 gels on the course easily and take in enough Gatorade. I have gotten so much better with all of this I am proud to say, (thanks much to Gu’s Outrageous Chocolate,mmm) Toward the end of the bike…I had sharp pains in my toes. They were absolutely frozen. After rolling in off the bike, I struggled to get my running shoes on. When I set off on the run, I had the strangest feeling. It felt like the pad in my shoes was wadded up underneath my toes. I couldn’t take it and actually stopped for a second and realized it wasn’t that at all. My toes was so frozen, they were balled up. It was the weirdest feeling I have ever felt in my toes. A little into the run though, this subsided. The run course was strange to say the least. There were stairs in which people had to stop running and walk down, then back up as they were not wide stairs at all. Stairs on a run course? On the stretch back home I was feeling good. The swim went pretty well, bike the same. Was tired on the run and thought back to that 5 hour ride only 4 days prior. I crossed the finish line and R was there waiting. I finished 7th in my age group and was pleased with that. Rich had an ok race. His speed suit zipper broke on the way into transition and he had to literally rip the thing apar to get out of it, then had to crawl out of it as the opening was still too small, causing him to lose 3 minutes which is a lot!

He also had some major stomach issues during the race, and couldn’t take in gel or liquid. He was cramping and not feeling well, but managed to finish in 14th, which he wasn’t all that happy about.
Rev 3 had some really great athletes. We went back to the hotel, showered and rested then went out. Met up and talked with Julie Dibens again and I finally met Eric Wynn, who is super cool and an awesome photographer. We talked for a bit with Michael Lovato who didn’t race as injured, and he is very nice as well. After dinner we walked around a bit, then called it an early night. Drove home on Monday, and not much time to rest as training resumed on Tuesday morning. Gotta love Ironman Training.


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