Saturday, April 24, 2010


We arrived on Tuesday here in St. Pete and the weather has been HOT and beautiful! Having a great time. It's been a busy week so far and the race is tomorrow morning. Missing little man though as he couldn't come this week because of school! That's ok...he'll be with us next go..yay

It's been a taper week, so swim, bike and run have been minimal but good. We've ridden the course a few times, done several swims, and a couple of easy runs. Having a nice time with new friends and old. Good to see Jennifer again and many others. I am very proud and excited for Jennifer who's racing tomorrow. First big triathlon for her and I know she'll do great! Go Jenn!

The only mishap this tubular was punctured last night. Thanks to our nice bike mechanic for staying up late to get glue on the new tire. It takes a while for the stuff to dry, but he worked really hard to get my bike ready for racking in a few hours. WHEW! Next time, I'll have a spare and thankfully it happened before the race!!!

We met up with the St. Pete Mad Dogs and did a mile OWS on Wednesday which was great. Swimming in the pool has been quite an experience as well swimming next to Miranda Carfrae :)

Rich wanted me to tag along to the Pro meeting today. I was eating and along comes Crowie and plants down right beside of us. Was very interesting hearing him and Rich talk about their old training days in Austrailia, loved it. At our table were Spencer Smith, Jodie Swallow, Stuart Hayes, Rich and Crowie. There were so many great athletes in there today, and it was a pleasure getting to meet them all :) Made a little age groupers day!

Now it's time for a great race tomorrow. Here are a few pics. More coming later...

Time to go..more to follow later. Cheers :)

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Jen said...

Can't wait to do it again!! I had the best time.