Monday, April 12, 2010

IT'S TIME....'s finally time for some triathlon! I'm finally racing this Saturday and I cannot wait to get in the cold water. This is a sprint and it's just for fun, and also to get me ready for St. Anthony's in less than 2 weeks. Very excited about that. We are leaving for St. Pete on Monday and I'm ready to do some open water swimming with my pal Jen, Rich and also those Mad Dogs before the race!!! Fun times ahead!!

As far as training goes, it's been intense. We swim A LOT, bike A LOT and run A LOT. Rich and I have been having some amazing swims lately, and I am so anxious to put my new swim skills to the test on the weekend. Rich has helped me to improve so much and I am so very excited! It's been hard work though having long 4.8k sets and ending with paddles...ow! I know it's all worth it though and I feel very fit. Cycling is going equally as well. We went out for our 6 hour ride a few days ago and legs feel very strong. Still working on the run and trying to improve with that and I am scheduled for a nearly 3 hour run today. The upside of todays run is the Dark Cherry Mocha Frap that I will slurp down after :) At times during the long training sets one saying always comes into mind "If it were easy everyone would do it". That is true! So when it hurts, I say that to myself, and I helps me to push on.

Besides training, life has been pretty busy. The blog is changing somewhat in the very near future. I have been assigned the postition of Marketing and Promotions Director for I am still first and foremost a photographer, it's what I love, but I love this as well and between the two...I stay really busy! So, plans for the blog in the future will be directed more toward our triathlon life, coaching tips, etc.

I had a busy wedding shoot over the weekend which was very fun. The photography is going well at the moment which is a great great thing. Rich was my assistant for a long 9 hour day of taking photos on Saturday, but it was lots of fun! Very exhausting, but lots of fun!
We are planning a wedding of our own which will take place in a few months and I can't wait. We have opted to not get married in England after all because of the unpredictable weather. We wanted sunshine and endless beach, so that's what we have decided on and are getting married in sunny St. Pete after Ironman :)

So that's a quick recap. Stay tuned for changes to the blog.


Jen said...

I know I say this all the time, but I love ya girl. You are a huge inspiration to me. I already love Rich too! I am beyond excited to see you. I hope that I follow in your footsteps with triathlon...get stronger and stronger.
I want to lose these extra lbs once and for all and be fastt, fast, fast. :)

Tonya said...

Aww girl! You are so sweet and I luv ya back. We can't wait to see you too. Also, you are doing awesome so far in triathlon and I know you are going to do great at St. A's! You will get stronger and faster, it just takes time (as I have learned ;)) See you in a few days my friend!! xx