Wednesday, March 10, 2010


We moved into the new house and before we even got the furniture...some of our new kit came in! It was a little like Christmas, and I am so excited. Craft has provided all of my clothing and race kits! I received so much great stuff and am very happy with it all! Craft is such great quality and it feels great on! Also, I received my Aquasphere wetsuits which are so cool, and my Aquasphere Speed Suit which is also pretty awesome. Also, the provided a full season supply of goggles, swim caps and training gear. Pretty sweet!! From Saucony, I received 3 pairs of awesome shoes for the first half of season. All of which I love as well. I also received my 5 pairs of Adidas Glasses which are by far the best feeling glasses I have ever had on! Not to mention how cool they look! Suunto also provided the Suunto T3C in cherry red. Which matches the Cervelo and is super cute on. Also the black T3C which is a great looking watch as well! Suunto products are awesome. Check em out :) More stuff to come and I cannot wait. Thanks so much to all mentioned above, and especially for RichardAllenFitness for being the best ;)

Rich is super pleased to have many great sponsors this year. See his site for more info and also coaching info.!! He was recently approched by Kestrel and will now be sponsored this year by Kestrel Bikes and he is so pleased with that. Check out his new ride for the spring. This bike is amazing! He is super excited to be racing Kestrel this year.

As far as training....having a coach has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Rich is my coach/fiancee, so that makes training interesting! He is patient though, and he has helped me become much stronger than I ever thought possible. Yesterday I had a max swim set and he was so pleased that I could actually match him per 25 at max sprint. I could have never done that before. Rich is a powerhouse in the water! Could it be the 10,000m swims each week?? Maybe! Every week I have 3 swims. Two swims are usually quite long, and one swim in usually around 1500-2000 and that is a speed session. His workouts are amazing and have really dropped my swim time! I love it. We have decided to sign up for the local open water swim races this spring and summer here for training. I can't wait! They are only a mile, but should make for very good training! So excited.

Cycling is going so well at the moment. Like swimming, I have three bikes weekly. 2 of which are quite long, and one turbo trainer session. The trainer although hard, and boring at times, really increase strength. I can't believe how much these have helped me. Forget spin class! That was a waste of my time. I am such believe in the trainer! Some weeks I have really hard turbo sets, sometimes at max and damn they hurt, but I know they are worth it. I can see and feel that when riding! We went out on Tuesday for a 4 hour ride and I felt so strong the entire time. We are doing a century in SC for training in a couple of weeks and I am excited about that! It's flat, so should be pretty speedy. Can't wait!

Running is even going well. I always have my battles with running, but where we live now the running is amazing and I am actually loving running now. We run on the trails at the local MTB park and they are great. Most trails are 5 to 6.5 mile loops and these have helped my legs to become stronger. I also do 3 runs weekly. 2 distance, and one speed work. The trails are harder than running on the road, but so good for building strength. We are running a 10k in a couple of weeks, so I am anxious to see how that goes.

Everything is coming together now for a great 2010 season. Training is going well. Moving here has been the best thing. The mountain was brutal and to difficult for training. Here it's perfect! Tri season starts for us next month at St. A's and that's one of our faves for sure. I think that Rich is going to have an amazing season. He is stronger now than ever! Look for great race results from Rich this season. Gonna be a busy summer folks! Let's get ready for a great race season all :)


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Haliku said...

Make me tired just reading what you have planned :-) Coach and SO in one--brave. Safe training and good luck! Cheers!