Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Now back from England and the last 2 weeks have been a whirlwind. We got a new house and moved off the dreaded mountain! 115 inches of snow since November and still counting. I have had enough for the winter and am now very happy to be off the mountain!

We had a busy time in England. We headed north to Yorkshire to visit the fam, and that was fun as always. We all went hiking again in the Yorkshire Dales which are quite beautiful. Richard's dad got out his vintage AC and we rolled through the English countryside in it to the Dales. It was sooo cold, but so much fun!

After hiking the next day Rich and his father wanted to take me to my first official English Rugby Match. Interesting info about Rich, before becoming a professional triathlete, he was a rugby player!! I have to say Rugby is much more gruff than American Football. OUCH! It was so much fun and oh, the hometown beer they serve at the matches is superb!
After the weekend, we headed back South to Bath. Long week of work and training there, then on the weekend we headed to Salisbury to Stonehenge. I cannot describe the feeling I had being at Stonehenge. It was breathtaking!! We drove through very old villages all day while going to Stonehenge and the history of England is just so amazing and so very old. I got some really amazing photography shots of Stonehenge and will get those up soon. They are being worked on at the moment.

I absolutely love England :):)

More updates about sponsors and Ironman training tomorrow!!

Cheers :)

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