Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Back in Bath England for the next 2 weeks. I do love it when we come back to our home here every couple of months. I find I really miss it at times. Life is different here in England. In a good way, most of it. Sometimes I struggle with the food here, but for the most part like everything. I arrived on Monday, Richard arrived a couple of days prior to hold a tri-clinic outside of London. I flew direct this time, which made it much easier than the normal layover in Newark. It was a quick 7.5 hour flight, however I slept NONE! Flew into London Gatwick and then we drove back to Bath during rush hour. I felt the tiredness creep up around mid-morning. By afternoon, I felt more like a zombie than a human and would nearly pass out anytime I sat down. To bed early and feeling better on Tuesday. Richard's solution is to not sleep at all upon arrival, but I have found that 60 min naps on the first and second day will help the jet lag. Also Richard feels like training right away will help one come around. So on Tuesday morning we were at the pool by 9 am. Now the pool here in Bath is also one of GBR's Olympic Training Centers. Rich says "swim easy today". Hmmm....I find myself swimming next to some of GBR's greatest swimmers, not to mention Olympic Athletes--how in the world is it possible to go easy when everyone else around you is unbelievable?!? I never have intimidation problem swimming with Rich, even though he was on GBR's Olympic team for the Sydney Olympics and is an amazing triathlete. I never once feel intimidated with him, however today, at this pool...I feel so intimidated. It's like the herd instict or something, or you feel the need to go with the flow, so to speak. Well at any rate, at times I found myself training in a harder zone, seeing coach give me that look to slow it down, and so I had to really back off to keep it light which I find so hard to do when training with good swimmers. You know the saying to get faster....train with faster people! There's a reason for push yourself harder, you do go faster. Only, it's hard to do that with jet lag. I found out! I really love the pool here and the atmosphere. Bath is an amazing place filled with m uch beauty and history. This painting is at the entrance to the training center-- I love this painting.
After the swim, we had a nice lunch and then it was time for my nap! After 60 mins, Rich wakes me and it's time to run. We head out to the canal and it is very cold here in England! The run felt amazing and being at altitude for the last 7 months has made an incredible difference. The hills that I have after 7 months learned to despise, have actually turned out to have been one of the best things for me. I feel so fit, and much stronger. After a nice freezing run, we cleaned up and headed out for a nice warm dinner. Lots of sleep on Tuesday and then I feel back to normal today. Jet lag-gone!

This morning it was swim time again first thing. This time the pool was a bit more quiet. I had a really good swim and then we had a really great lunch. I have skipped the run thus fur and plan to get that in later. Trainer sessions up next. We are heading North for the weekend to see family in Yorkshire and I can't wait. It's snowing here today and it is really beautiful. No escaping the snows no matter where we go lately! We are getting very excited for the upcoming season. A few run races in March, then season opener at St. A's! Can't wait! Also, very glad to report I will be doing three of GBR's best races this year. London Tri, Windsor Tri, and Bleheim. So very excited...just dreading that cold water! Brr!!

Happy Wednesday All ~

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