Sunday, December 13, 2009



R caught me turning kartwheels in the snow ;)

The arctic chill has found it’s way here. The temps are in the single digits some days and the snow has started falling. Oh, and did I mention the wind? We have had days of 70+ winds and it honestly makes being outside unbearable. I wonder how the skiers are coping with these elements as I look out my window. I can’t imagine getting on the bike here now and our outdoor runs are freezing to say the least. I always overdress for our cold runs, then get hot, undress a little, then get cold and it’s unfortunately a repetitive cycle. Not to mention the amount of nasal liquid lost during these frigid episodes ha!

So…we have been busy. Christmas is just around the corner and the shopping has begun. Fun fun! It’s the ‘what to give’ that always gets me! Rich is in charge of his family and I am in charge of mine, and I think that this will keep it somewhat easier. Cal on the other hand….well, what doesn’t an 8 year old want for Christmas? Nothing short of everything if it were up to them ! Shopping for him is easy!Caleb's snowball attack on R
then me ;)

So…back to the cold. We ventured out on a cold Saturday to find the perfect Christmas Tree fresh from the tree farm. We decided to stop at a small tree farm instead of all the big, fancy lighted ones as we felt it would help out the small farms more to buy from them. It was a great decision and we had a great time. Walking through rows and rows of gorgeous trees, I could not quite make up my mind on one. Once I would find ‘the one’, then I would see another that felt like ‘the one’. Pretty soon they all started to look the same, at least according to R. Finally there it was…I saw it. ‘The one’! We found a perfect tree and we got to watch it be cut down, which made me a little sad, but then happy as it was loaded up for a trip to our home and living room.
Lots of hot chocolate, Christmas music and ornament breaking, which unfortunately always happens when Cal helps to decorate…we had our tree and we love it! Now, just can’t wait for Santa to unload his surprises underneath ;)

Views from our home

More snow pics..

Cheers All...Stay Warm!

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